F1 TV and F1 TV Pro Differences: Your Ultimate Guide to Streaming Formula 1

F1 TV and F1 TV Pro Differences: Your Ultimate Guide to Streaming Formula 1
F1 TV and F1 TV Pro Differences: Your Ultimate Guide to Streaming Formula 1

F1 TV is a streaming service that grants fans access to live and on-demand Formula 1 content. This service is available in both a basic tier, known as F1 TV Access, and a premium tier, named F1 TV Pro. F1 TV Pro offers live streaming for every track session, including races, qualifying sessions, and practices. Beyond live coverage, F1 TV includes an array of extra features such as exclusive onboard cameras, team radios, full race replays, and highlight packages. This subscription service is tailored for enthusiasts seeking a deeper immersion into the Formula 1 experience.

Pricing for these services can vary depending on the user’s location. In the United States, for instance, an annual subscription to F1 TV Pro is usually priced at $84.99, while F1 TV Access costs less, at $26.99 per year. F1 TV is also compatible with multiple devices, allowing fans to watch their favourite motorsports content on smartphones, tablets, computers, and smart TVs. Through F1 TV, users can also access a wealth of historical F1 content, watching past races and reliving memorable moments from the sport’s storied past.

Key Takeaways

  • Comprehensive Live Coverage: F1 TV Pro offers subscribers uninterrupted live coverage of every F1 race, including practice and qualifying sessions, with the ability to switch between onboard cameras for an immersive and customizable viewing experience.
  • Exclusive Access and Content: Beyond live racing, F1 TV Pro provides exclusive access to pit lane channels, live telemetry, and historical race archives, as well as in-depth analysis and commentary, catering to the most passionate F1 enthusiasts.
  • Flexible Viewing Options: With multi-screen capabilities and compatibility across various devices, F1 TV Pro ensures fans can enjoy a tailored viewing experience, whether at home or on the go, with multiple audio options and perspectives at their fingertips.

Overview of F1 TV Services

F1 TV offers fans the opportunity to watch live races and access a library of historical races, providing a comprehensive Formula 1 viewing experience through two main service tiers.

F1 TV Access

F1 TV Access presents fans with a cost-effective option to follow Formula 1. Subscribers can enjoy delayed race replays and live timing data. The service includes:

  • Delayed race replays to relive the action
  • Access to a significant catalogue of historical F1 races

F1 TV Pro

F1 TV Pro is the premier subscription service for the most dedicated Formula 1 enthusiasts, offering:

  • Live streaming of every F1 race
  • Additional live streams from 20 onboard cameras and live team radio communications
  • An ad-free experience with the ability for users to cancel at any point

Live Coverage Features

F1 TV Pro offers subscribers comprehensive access to live race coverage and all live races.

Race Sessions

With F1 TV Pro, subscribers can watch every session of a race weekend live. This includes practices, qualifying, and the Grand Prix itself, providing a full spectrum of coverage.

Onboard Cameras

Subscribers can switch between 20 onboard cameras, offering a range of perspectives from the drivers’ point of view, delivering an immersive racing experience.

Commercial-Free Experience

Enjoy a commercial-free broadcast, which means fans can witness the intensity of the races without interruption, maintaining the thrill and pace of live Formula 1 action from start to finish.

Exclusive Content and Capabilities

F1 TV Pro provides subscribers with numerous features that elevate the viewing experience, such as direct pit lane streams, the ability to view multiple camera angles, and access to real-time data and analytics.

Pit Lane Access

With F1 TV Pro, subscribers have the opportunity to view the pit lane through exclusive camera feeds. This feature allows fans to observe the precision of team operations during crucial pit stops and periods of strategy development. Access to this area of the broadcast grants viewers a detailed perspective on team decisions and pit crew efficiency.

Multi-Screen Viewing

Subscribers can enjoy a multi-screen experience that offers various viewing angles simultaneously. This capability enables them to watch the race from different perspectives, including the driver’s onboard camera, the main broadcast feed, and other cameras positioned around the track, providing a comprehensive view of the racing action.

Live Timing and Data

F1 TV Pro users have access to a wealth of live timing features and real-time data. This includes information such as driver lap times, tyre usage, and live leaderboards. Understanding this data is essential for those who follow the intricacies of race strategy and want to track the performance of their favourite drivers and teams.

Subscription and Pricing

F1 TV offers two primary subscription options: F1 TV Pro and F1 TV Access. F1 TV Pro is the more comprehensive package, providing live coverage of every Formula 1 race as well as access to 20 onboard cameras and live team radios. Subscribers to F1 TV Pro can watch the races live, as they happen.

Pricing for F1 TV Pro:

  • Annual Subscription: $84.99 per year

F1 TV Access is a more affordable tier that offers on-demand content, but does not include the live race streaming feature. This package is suitable for viewers who prefer to watch replays or highlights on their own schedule.

Pricing for F1 TV Access:

  • Annual Subscription: $26.99 per year

Please note that subscription costs may vary by region and the above prices are based on information relevant to the United States. Certain promotions may also affect final pricing.

Subscribers must purchase these services in accordance with their residence’s region, and it’s important to verify service availability, as F1 TV Pro may not be accessible in every location due to broadcasting agreements.

Payment options include various methods such as credit cards and app store purchases, providing flexibility for subscribers.

Subscription TypeContent AccessLive RacesOnboard CamerasLive Team RadiosCost (Annual)
F1 TV ProFullYesYesYes$84.99
F1 TV AccessLimitedNoNoNo$26.99

Prospective subscribers should check for updated prices, special offers, or additional services that may have been introduced since the time of writing.

Device Compatibility

F1 TV offers broad device support, making it accessible for viewers to watch Formula 1 content. The service is compatible with various platforms, including:

  • Web: Access through browsers on Windows PCs and laptops.
  • Mobile Devices: Functionality across iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.
  • Smart TVs: Certain models from brands like Samsung.
  • Set-top Boxes: Options like Apple TV and Roku devices.
  • Game Consoles: Via web browsers.

The compatibility extends to casting devices, enabling viewers to cast from a mobile device to a television.

For the best experience, the F1 TV app requires that devices run on recent operating systems. Details are as follows:

  • iOS: A version requirement exists for iPhones and iPads.
  • Android: Phones, tablets, and TVs need to be up-to-date.

Streaming quality and smooth playback may be influenced by the device and internet speed. Subscribers should refer to the official F1 TV website for comprehensive, current compatibility specifics and updates to the list of supported devices as technology advances.

Accessing Historical F1 Content

Formula 1 fans have access to a wealth of historical race content through F1 TV. This service provides an extensive archive of past races, allowing enthusiasts to relive classic moments in the sport’s history. One can explore races from various seasons and watch how the sport has evolved over the years.

Subscription Options:

  • F1 TV Access: Offers a selection of historical race replays.
  • F1 TV Pro: Includes full access to live races and the complete archive.

Viewers can search for specific races or browse through different eras of F1. The interface is designed for ease of use so fans can find and enjoy the content they are interested in.

Key Features for Historical Content:

  • Extensive library of past F1 races.
  • On-demand access to full race replays.
  • No commercial interruptions.

This service is valuable for those who wish to study the strategic decisions and performance of drivers and teams throughout the history of F1. It serves as an educational resource as well as a source of entertainment, offering insight into the development of cars, technology, and racing styles.

Fans should be aware that the availability of historical races may vary by country due to licensing agreements. However, F1 TV aims to make as much content as possible accessible to a global audience, striving to expand their offerings in different regions.

Understanding Broadcast Rights

Broadcast rights are essential for disseminating Formula 1 content to fans worldwide. They permit media companies to air live or recorded races across television and streaming services. In history, these rights were sold individually for each race, but contemporary strategies have shifted to broader agreements.

F1’s pivot to digital platforms has been significant, with F1 TV Pro offering subscribers a more direct viewing experience. This service is an over-the-top (OTT) platform, providing an array of features like live timing, exclusive on-boards, and team radios, which appeal to the dedicated fan base.

Here are key points about Formula 1’s broadcast rights:

  • Revenue Source: Media rights are a substantial income stream, with growth observed through both traditional broadcasting deals and digital offerings.
  • Integration: Broadcast partners exhibit a growing interest in integrating OTT services like F1 TV Pro to meet fan demands and improve their viewing experience.
  • Agreements: Contracts for broadcasting are evolving to adapt to the digital age, where traditional and OTT platforms can coexist.

The balance F1 strikes between traditional broadcasting revenue and its digital expansion through F1 TV Pro ensures the sport’s financial health and enhances fan engagement worldwide.


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