About Us


Ruby Price

Music journalist, Videographer, YouTuber, Coventry City fan and Formula 1 enthusiast who is one of the hosts of the Grid Talk Podcast. If there’s one place I feel at home, it’s behind a microphone talking absolute nonsense for forty minutes to an hour!

George Howson

Engineer, Father, Travel addict, Writer, but most of all, F1 nut who is one of the hosts of the Grid Talk Podcast. Never afraid to ask the questions most would back out of and I always tell it like it is.


Jarrod Partridge

Founder of F1 Chronicle, Ayrton’s dad, Bali United fan, retired sports photographer. I live in Bali and drink much more Vanilla Coke than a grown man should.

Dev Tyagi

Co-Founder of F1 Chronicle. Kimi fan. Talks less. Drives and writes more often on F1 and Cricket. Sometimes does both fast. Thinks toothpicks are underrated.

Dev Tyagi

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