Lance Stroll

Lance Stroll, who is competing in Formula One currently, is a Belgian-Canadian. He was born on 29 October 1998 to a billionaire Canadian businessman Lawrence Stroll and his fashion designer Belgian wife, Claire-Ann Callens. Stroll races under the Canadian flag while holding both Canadian and Belgian citizenships.

Having previously driven for Williams, Stroll now races for Aston Martin. He won the 2014 Italian F4 Championship when driving for Prema Powerteam. With the same team, Stroll also won the F3 class Toyota Racing Series Champion’s title in 2015 and the FIA European Formula 3 championship in 2016.

Stroll joined the Ferrari Driver Academy in 2010 and was with them until 2015. Winning a podium finish in the 2017 Azerbaijan Grand Prix, he became the second-youngest driver to finish a Formula One race on the podium. With the 3rd place finish in the event, he also became the youngest driver to finish on a podium in Baku.

2020 Italian Grand Prix, Sunday - Lance Stroll (image courtesy Pirelli)
2020 Italian Grand Prix, Sunday – Lance Stroll (image courtesy Pirelli)

In 2020, Stroll took his first pole position at the Turkish Grand Prix on 15th November. He also took part in endurance racing on his way to Formula One. He participated in the 24 Hours of Daytona in 2016 and 2018.

Lance Stroll’s Career Before Formula 1

Karting (2008-2013)

Lance Stroll began his racing career in karting at the age of ten. Besides winning many races and championships wins in his homeland, Canada, he won several others in the USA. He won the rookie of the year award in his first year of karting when he won the Federation de Sport Automobile du Quebec in 2008.

In 2009 he also won the driver of the year award at the Quebec event. In 2010, Stroll became a member of the Ferrari Driver Academy and stayed with them till 2015.

Formula 4 (2014)

Stroll made his motor car racing debut while he was at the Ferrari Driver Academy. He competed in the 2014 Florida Winter Series, organised by the Ferrari Driver Academy which was a non-championship event.

In the series, he earned a pole position at Homestead-Miami Speedway and two pole positions. He also got a taste of what it is to compete with his future competitors in Formula One; Max Verstappen and Nicholas Latifi.

From 2014, Lance Stroll started competitive car racing with Prema Powerteam, a motorsport team from Italy with strong ties to Ferrari. Stroll missed the first round due to injury. Despite that, he won the series championship earning seven race wins, seven podium finishes and five pole positions.

Formula 3 (2015-2016)

Still driving for Prema Powerteam, Stroll won four races and earned 10 podium positions from 16 races to win the New Zealand based 2015 Toyota Racing Series. During the same year, Stroll’s father acquired a stake in Prema Racing. Stroll celebrated that by winning the 2015 FIA Formula 3 European Championship.

In the 2015 European Championships, Stroll got the opportunity to test his skills against his would-be Formula One competitors. Among his competitors were Antonio Giovinazzi, Alexander Albon George Russell and Charles Leclerc. He won one race at Hockenheim and secured six podium positions in a 16 race Series. He finished 5th in the competition.

Thereafter, Stroll participated in a non-championship contest in Macau, called the Formula Three Macau Grand Prix. He finished the race in the eighth position. Stroll announced on 11 November 2015 that he would leave the Ferrari Driver Academy. He was invited as a test driver by Williams Racing,

Stroll finished fifth at the 2016 24 Hours of Daytona for Ford Chip Ganassi Racing, driving a Ford EcoBoost Prototype. He was still racing with Prema Powerteam in the Formula 3 European Championship.

Lance Stroll started the 2016 Formula 3 season strongly by winning the first race at the Paul Ricard Circuit. He won the Formula 3 European Championship with four races to go. He won 13 races in all including the final five races. When the competition was over, Stroll led his nearest rival, Maximilian Günther, by 187 points. 

Lance Stroll’s Career In Formula 1

Williams (2017-2018)

When Lance Stroll drove for the Williams Racing team in 2017, he became the first Canadian driver to compete in the class since Jacques Villeneuve, the 1997 World Drivers’ Champion. Stroll was forced to retire in the first three races of the season. But he finished the fourth race of the season, the Russian Grand Prix, in eleventh place despite spinning on the first lap.

Stroll finished the 2017 Spanish Grand Prix sixteenth and last. Although he was forced to retire during the Monaco Grand Prix, he was classified as the 15th finisher. Stroll won his first Formula One points at his home circuit in Montreal. He finished in 9th place and earned 2 points.

Lance Stroll became the youngest rookie and the second youngest podium winner after Max Verstappen when he won his first podium at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix. He won the 2017 Azerbaijan Grand Prix at the age of 18 years and 239 days. Max Verstappen had won the Spanish Grand Prix, a year earlier, at the age of 18 years and 228 days.

At the Italian Grand Prix, Stroll qualified fourth on a wet track. But with the Red Bull drivers Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo placed 2nd and third receiving grid place penalties, Stroll was promoted to the second place. At the age of 18 years and 301 days, Stroll became the youngest Formula, One driver, to start on the front row of a Grand Prix. Stroll finished the race in seventh place.

In the Mexican Grand Prix, the last race of the season, Stroll was promoted to the 11th position on the Grid after Daniel Ricciardo was penalised grid places. Stroll finished the race in the same position. But, he had scored enough points to finish ahead of his teammate, Phillipe Massa, that season.

The 2018 season was not anything that Stroll would want to write home about. Multiple incidents and the mistakes made during the first few races meant that he had no points to his name. He got an 8th place finish in Azerbaijan.

He failed to make a mark at his home race in Canada and had to wait to add to his points tally till the race at Monza. The Williams FW41 was certainly off the pace during the season, but as is evident from Stroll’s only two retirements during the season, the car was reliable.

Racing Point (2019-2020)

In 2019, Stroll was recruited by Racing Point to replace Esteban Ocon and race for the team alongside Sergio Perez. In a much better show than the previous year, Stroll scored his first points at the inaugural race of the season in Australia. He finished ninth behind Kimi Räikkönen.

Having finished outside the points-scoring positions in the next two races, Stroll was unhappy about the team strategy. He voiced his opinion after the Chinese Grand Prix. A collision with Lando Norris in Spain meant that both the cars were forced to retire. In Canada, his home race, Stroll recovered from a 17th grid position to finish 9th.

In the 2019 German Grand Prix, Stroll broke a streak of fourteen races in which he was disqualified in Q1 by progressing to Q2. He qualified for the 15th position on the grid. He took advantage of Lewis Hamilton, stranded behind a safety car on a fast-drying track, to finish the race fourth. Running on slick tyres, he had narrowly missed a podium finish.

Stroll finished in 10th place in Belgium after starting from 16th place on the grid. In Japan, he scored points crossing the finish line in 9th place after starting 12th on the grid. He had retired once before during the season, but two more retirements were to come during the last two races of the season.

While Stroll retired due to suspension failure during the Brazilian Grand Prix, braking issues forced him to retire in Abu Dhabi, the last race of the season. Stroll finished his debut season with Racing Point with 21 points. That was a much lower tally than his teammate, Sergio Perez, who had accumulated 52 points in the 21 race season.

Lance Stroll and Sergio Perez continued driving for Racing Point during the 2020 Formula One season. But Canada’s national sporting authority had resigned its mandate from the FIA. Although Stroll had chosen to race under an American licence, he is still shown as a Canadian under all FIA records during racing weekends.

Stroll had engine problems during the 2020 Austrian Grand Prix and was forced to retire. He started in third place on the grid third in Hungary and finished fourth. In Italy, Stroll earned the second podium finish of his Formula One career when he finished third after qualifying third. He had also finished third when he earned a podium finish the first time.

After the Italian race, Stroll mulled whether he could have won the race had he not misjudged the race restart when a red flag was shown to clear Charles Leclerc’s Ferrari. He had a chance at a podium finish at the Tuscan Grand Prix also, when a car failure caused him to crash and subsequently retire.

A contact with Charles Leclerc and a crash forced Stroll to retire in Russia and he retired from the Eifel Grand Prix due to illness. Racing Point confirmed that Stroll had not contracted COVID-19 as he had passed all the mandatory FIA tests. He tested positive for COVID-19 a few days and underwent the mandatory 10-day quarantine.

Having recovered, Stroll competed in the Portuguese Grand Prix but collided with Lando Norris and had to retire. Stroll took his first pole position in Turkey, becoming the first Canadian to do so since Jacque Villeneuve at the 1997 Europen Grand Prix. Having led the race for 32 laps, Stroll reported severe tyre graining and finished 9th in the race.

During the Bahrain Grand Prix, Stroll’s car flipped over after making contact with Daniil Kvyat. Stroll extracted himself from the car and was unhurt. He secured a third-place finish at the 2020 Sakhir Grand Prix, getting his second podium finish of the season. His teammate, Sergio Perez, won the race.

Lance Stroll finished the 2020 Formula One season in 10th place with 3 podium finishes and 74 points. His teammate, Sergio Perez finished fourth with 125 points with one win in Bahrain and another podium finish in Turkey.

Aston Martin (2021 – )

Lance Stroll’s 2021 Formula 1 season with Aston Martin, previously known as Racing Point, was a year of transition and adaptation for both the driver and the team. The rebranding of the team to Aston Martin marked a new chapter, with high expectations due to the previous season’s successes, including a race win and multiple podium finishes.

Team and Expectations: Aston Martin entered the 2021 season with ambitions of challenging for higher positions in the Constructors’ Championship. Stroll, continuing with the team alongside new teammate Sebastian Vettel, a four-time World Champion, was expected to play a key role in achieving these goals.

Season Overview: The 2021 season proved challenging for Aston Martin, as the team struggled to replicate its 2020 form due to regulatory changes that affected the performance of their car design philosophy. Despite these challenges, Stroll delivered several notable performances, showcasing his talent and determination.

Key Highlights and Results:

  • Bahrain Grand Prix: Stroll started the season with a points finish, demonstrating competitive pace and solid racecraft.
  • Monaco Grand Prix: One of the highlights of Stroll’s season was a strong performance in Monaco, a challenging street circuit that demands precision and confidence.
  • Azerbaijan Grand Prix: In Baku, Stroll was involved in a high-speed crash due to a tire failure, highlighting the season’s challenges and the inherent risks of racing.


  • Adapting to the Car: The AMR21, Aston Martin’s contender for the season, was affected by aerodynamic regulation changes, which impacted its competitiveness. Stroll and the team worked throughout the year to adapt and extract the maximum performance from the car.
  • Consistency: Finding consistent performance was a challenge for Stroll and Aston Martin, with fluctuating results across different circuits and conditions.

Season Conclusion:

  • Overall Performance: Stroll’s 2021 season was a testament to his resilience and ability to compete under challenging circumstances. While the team faced difficulties in consistently challenging for points, Stroll’s performances in races like Monaco demonstrated his capabilities as a driver.
  • Contribution to the Team: Stroll’s contributions were vital in helping Aston Martin navigate a transitional year. His points finishes contributed to the team’s tally in the Constructors’ Championship, and his experience and feedback were instrumental in the car’s development.
  • Future Prospects: Ending the 2021 season, Stroll looked forward to building on the experiences gained and helping Aston Martin return to a more competitive standing. With the team’s ambitious plans and continued investment, Stroll’s role as a key driver for Aston Martin was clear, with expectations of further growth and success in the future.

Lance Stroll’s 2021 season was one of perseverance and adaptation, facing the challenges of a competitive and ever-evolving Formula 1 landscape. His ability to secure points finishes and demonstrate competitive pace, even in a challenging car, underscored his development as a driver and his potential for future successes in the sport.


Lance Stroll’s 2022 Formula 1 season with Aston Martin continued to be a journey of growth and challenge for the Canadian driver. The team, aiming to improve upon their previous year’s performance, faced a competitive midfield battle, with Stroll playing a crucial role in their campaign.

Team and Expectations: Aston Martin entered the 2022 season with the ambition of climbing the Constructors’ Championship standings. With the introduction of new technical regulations reshaping the cars and competition, there was optimism for a reset that could benefit the team. Stroll, alongside Sebastian Vettel for another year, was expected to leverage his experience and contribute significantly to the team’s development.

Season Overview: The 2022 season was marked by a fiercely competitive midfield, with Aston Martin striving to find its footing amidst the new regulations. Stroll’s season was a mix of solid drives and missed opportunities, reflective of the team’s broader struggles to consistently challenge for higher points finishes.

Key Highlights and Results:

  • Performance Fluctuations: Stroll experienced a season with varied performances, showcasing his resilience and driving skill on several occasions but also facing challenges in maximizing the car’s potential.
  • Points Finishes: Stroll managed to secure points in various races, contributing to the team’s efforts in a tightly contested midfield. His ability to capitalize on race-day opportunities was evident, even if the car lacked the outright pace of its competitors.
  • Team Dynamics: The partnership with Vettel provided Aston Martin with a blend of youth and experience. Stroll’s performances were often closely matched with his teammate’s, highlighting the competitive nature within the team.


  • Adapting to the AMR22: The new technical regulations presented a challenge for all teams, with Aston Martin working hard to understand and extract the maximum from the AMR22. Stroll, like many drivers, had to adapt to the new car’s characteristics and the changing competitive landscape.
  • Consistency and Development: Throughout the season, finding consistent performance and keeping pace with the development race proved challenging. Stroll and the team faced the task of evolving the car’s performance while maximizing their opportunities on race weekends.

Season Conclusion:

  • Overall Performance: Stroll’s 2022 campaign was a testament to his commitment and effort in a transitional year for Aston Martin. While the team faced hurdles in the highly competitive midfield, Stroll’s contributions on and off the track were invaluable.
  • Contribution to the Team: Beyond his on-track efforts, Stroll’s role in the team’s development and strategy discussions was crucial. His insights and feedback were integral to the team’s understanding and evolution of the AMR22.
  • Future Prospects: Looking ahead, Stroll’s experiences in 2022 set the foundation for continued growth and improvement. With Aston Martin’s ambitious plans and ongoing investment, Stroll’s role as a key driver for the team’s future success remained clear, with expectations for further progress in the seasons to come.

Lance Stroll’s 2022 season encapsulated the challenges and opportunities presented by Formula 1’s new era. His ability to navigate the complexities of the sport, combined with his determination to contribute to Aston Martin’s growth, underscored his development as a driver and his potential for future achievements in Formula 1.


Lance Stroll’s 2023 Formula 1 season with Aston Martin was a narrative of resilience, recovery, and notable achievements amidst challenges. Partnered with the experienced Fernando Alonso, who replaced the retiring Sebastian Vettel, Stroll faced a tumultuous start to the season but demonstrated his capability and determination throughout the year.

Season Challenges and Recovery:

  • Stroll’s pre-season preparations were severely impacted by a cycling accident, resulting in multiple injuries, including fractures in both wrists and a broken toe. Despite these setbacks, including minor surgery on his right wrist, Stroll made a commendable return for the season-opening Bahrain Grand Prix.
  • The lingering pain from his injuries necessitated a relaxed driving style, yet Stroll adapted commendably, qualifying eighth and finishing sixth in Bahrain, even after a first-lap collision with teammate Alonso.

Season Highlights:

  • Saudi Arabian Grand Prix: Stroll started fifth but retired due to engine issues, showcasing the highs and lows of competitive racing.
  • Australian Grand Prix: Achieving his best result of the year, Stroll finished fourth despite early contact and a challenging race, highlighting his skill and persistence.
  • Azerbaijan Grand Prix: Stroll scored points in both the sprint and main race, demonstrating competitive pace and strategic acumen.
  • Canadian and Austrian Grands Prix: Stroll continued to score points, including a ninth-place finish in Canada from sixteenth on the grid and a fourth place in the Austrian sprint race, underscoring his ability to capitalize on race-day opportunities.
  • Penalties and Challenges: Despite facing penalties, including a significant crash in Singapore qualifying and a track limits penalty in Qatar, Stroll’s performances remained commendable.
  • United States Grand Prix: Starting from the pit lane, Stroll finished ninth, later promoted to seventh, marking a return to points after a challenging mid-season.

Season Conclusion:

  • Stroll ended the season tenth in the Drivers’ Championship, the highest finish of his career, with 74 points to Alonso’s 206. Despite being outqualified by Alonso in the majority of the season’s races, Stroll’s performances, particularly in races, showcased his growth as a driver and his ability to compete under pressure.
  • Team principal Mike Krack affirmed Stroll’s position within the team, highlighting the close performance gap between Stroll and Alonso and confirming Stroll’s stay with Aston Martin alongside Alonso for 2024.

Lance Stroll’s 2023 season was a testament to his resilience, adaptability, and racing talent. Overcoming early setbacks, Stroll delivered several standout performances, contributing significantly to Aston Martin’s campaign and setting a solid foundation for future success in the sport.

Has Lance Stroll ever won a race?

No, Lance Stroll has not won a Formula 1 race. His best results are podium finishes, including a 3rd place finish at the 2017 Azerbaijan Grand Prix and another 3rd place at the 2020 Italian Grand Prix.

Which F1 drivers have billionaire fathers?

Several Formula 1 drivers have or had billionaire fathers, including:

  1. Lance Stroll, whose father, Lawrence Stroll, is a Canadian billionaire businessman and part-owner of the Aston Martin F1 team.
  2. Nikita Mazepin, whose father, Dmitry Mazepin, is a Russian billionaire who was involved with the Haas F1 Team through the title sponsorship of his company Uralkali before Nikita’s contract was terminated in 2022.
  3. Nicholas Latifi, whose father, Michael Latifi, is a Canadian-Iranian businessman with substantial wealth, although not necessarily a billionaire, he has been a significant financial supporter of his son’s racing career.

These drivers are known for having significant financial backing which has helped them in their motorsport careers.

Is Lance Stroll a pay driver?

Lance Stroll is often labeled as a “pay driver” due to the substantial financial backing he has received from his father, Lawrence Stroll, a billionaire businessman. A pay driver is a term used in motorsport for a driver who brings financial support to a team, which can influence their selection as a driver alongside or sometimes above their racing credentials. Despite this label, Stroll has demonstrated competitive performances, including podium finishes, and has retained a seat in Formula 1 based on merit as well as financial backing.

Where did Lance Stroll race before F1?

Before Formula 1, Lance Stroll had a successful career in junior racing series. He raced in the Italian F4 Championship, which he won in 2014, and the Toyota Racing Series in New Zealand, which he also won in 2015. Stroll then moved to the FIA European Formula 3 Championship, where he won the title in 2016 before graduating to Formula 1 with Williams in 2017.

How long has Lance Stroll been racing?

Lance Stroll started karting competitively in 2008, and he has been racing in various motorsport categories since then. He made his debut in Formula 1 in 2017 with Williams. As of the beginning of the 2024 season, Stroll has been racing in Formula 1 for seven seasons.

Who is number 18 in F1?

As of the 2024 season, the driver with number 18 in Formula 1 is Lance Stroll, who races for Aston Martin.