Miami Grand Prix

The Process of Designing a Formula 1 Track

2024 Miami Grand Prix

DateMay 3-5, 2024
LocationMiami, Florida
Number of Laps57
Circuit Length5.412km
Race Distance308.326km
Lap Record1:29.708 (Max Verstappen, 2023)

The Miami Grand Prix has quickly become a prominent fixture in the Formula 1 racing calendar. Held in Miami, Florida, this event marks an exciting expansion of F1’s presence in the United States. Following its inaugural race in 2022, the Grand Prix has captured the attention of motor racing enthusiasts around the globe with the promise of high-octane action in a vibrant urban setting. The Miami International Autodrome, where the event takes place, is a testament to the city’s historical connection with motorsports, dating back to racing events in the early 1980s.

Florida’s relationship with Formula 1 was further solidified when the Miami Grand Prix joined the Austin race on the F1 schedule, underlining the growing appeal of the sport in the USA. The street-track spectacle of the Miami Grand Prix offers a unique blend of speed and spectacle, underlining the city’s reputation as a hub of sports and entertainment. With grandstand tickets lining up fans right next to the action, general admission fostering a festival-like atmosphere, and luxury options enhancing the experience, the Grand Prix caters to a wide array of preferences, making for a memorable weekend for everyone in attendance.

As the Miami Grand Prix looks forward to new races, with its ten-year contract underscoring a long-term commitment to F1 in the city, the event appears set to continue evolving. Each year brings new dynamics, offering drivers and teams fresh challenges and providing fans with an engaging and dynamic racing experience. The Miami Grand Prix not only showcases the speed and agility of the world’s best F1 cars and drivers but also reflects the cultural and festive spirit of Miami itself.

What Date Is the 2024 Miami Grand Prix?

The 2024 Miami Grand Prix is a prominent event in the Formula 1 racing calendar. It is scheduled to grace the Miami International Autodrome in Florida, offering a thrilling experience for motorsport enthusiasts.

Race Day:

  • Date: Sunday, May 5, 2024
  • Laps: 57

The weekend’s agenda will be packed with activities beyond the main event, from practice runs to qualifying heats. Attendees will have the opportunity to witness the performance of top-class drivers as they navigate the demanding circuit.

Weekend Schedule Highlights:

  • Practice & Qualifying Sessions
  • Support Races & Special Events

For those looking to follow every turn and overtaking maneuver, the event will be broadcasted. Information regarding television listings and schedules will be available for those planning to watch the race live.


  • TV Broadcast: Information forthcoming
  • Mobile Schedule: Available for download

This racing event promises to blend speed, strategy, and spectacle in the hot Florida sun, making for an unforgettable addition to the 2024 F1 season.

How much are tickets to the 2024 Miami Grand Prix?

Ticket prices for the 2024 Miami Grand Prix vary significantly based on the type of experience spectators are looking for.

  • General Admission: The most affordable option to experience the excitement of the race is the 3-Day Campus Pass. Prices start at approximately $590 USD.
  • Grandstand Tickets: For those who prefer a reserved seat, grandstand tickets begin at around $750 USD. Most grandstand seats range from $1,000 to $2,000 USD.

There are also premium options available:

  • VIP Experiences and Suites: Spectators can choose from several luxurious hospitality spaces which offer various amenities and exclusive views of the race. These options include:
    • Paddock Club Suites
    • The 72 Club sponsored by J.P. Morgan Payments
    • Yachts at the MIA Marina
    • Casa Tua Trackside Club

The exact pricing for these premium experiences varies, but they are known to be on the higher end, reflecting the upscale services and privileged viewing positions they offer.

It’s important for enthusiasts to consider their budget and desired experience when purchasing tickets, as the range reflects the diversity of viewing experiences available at the Miami Grand Prix.

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How can I watch the 2024 Miami Grand Prix?

Viewers have several options to watch the 2024 Miami Grand Prix. The race, set to take place in Florida, USA, can be experienced either in-person or through various broadcasting platforms.

In Person:

  • Purchase Tickets: Fans can secure tickets for the event with options ranging from 3-day general admissions to grandstand seats. These offer various vantage points around the Miami International Autodrome.
  • Grand Tour Experience: For an upgraded experience, certain packages allow fans to view the race from multiple dynamic locations around the circuit.

Broadcast Information:

  • Television: The race will be broadcast live, with viewership details and channels typically announced closer to the event date. Fans should check with local sports networks for the live coverage schedule.
  • Online Streaming: Live streaming services and official Formula 1 apps may offer live race coverage, including practice and qualifying sessions, depending on your region.
  • F1 TV: For uninterrupted coverage of the entire race weekend, F1 TV offers a world-class viewing experience (depending on the package you choose).

Practice Sessions and Qualifying:

  • For fans interested in the full race weekend, practice and qualifying sessions will also be available to view through selected broadcasters and streaming platforms.

While the specific details of broadcast channels are yet to be confirmed, it is advised to keep an eye on official Formula 1 communications for the latest updates. This ensures that when race day arrives on Sunday, May 5, fans won’t miss any action from the Miami International Autodrome.

How can I bet on the 2024 Miami Grand Prix?

Betting on the 2024 Miami Grand Prix is possible through various online sportsbooks. As the event approaches, these platforms will update their sites with the latest odds for the race. To place a bet, one should follow these general steps:

  1. Choose a Reputable Sportsbook:
    • Select an online betting site that is known for its reliability and has favorable reviews.
    • Ensure they offer F1 or motorsports betting.
  2. Create an Account:
    • Sign up with personal details and verify the account according to the site’s requirements.
  3. Deposit Funds:
    • Use available payment methods, like credit cards or e-wallets, to deposit money into the betting account.
  4. Understand the Odds:
    • Review the odds provided for the Miami Grand Prix, often listed next to each driver or team.
  5. Place Your Bet:
    • Choose the type of bet, such as a winner, podium finish, or fastest lap.
    • Decide the amount to wager and confirm the bet.
  6. Follow the Race:
    • Keep track of the event dates, from May 3, 2024, to May 5, 2024, to monitor the bet.

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One should always bet responsibly and within their budget, adhering to the regulations and age restrictions of their jurisdiction.

Miami International Autodrome

The Miami International Autodrome is the celebrated venue for the Formula One Miami Grand Prix, boasting a street circuit that offers a challenging and dynamic racing experience. This temporary circuit transforms the Miami landscape into a high-speed competition ground each race season.

Circuit Information

Location: Miami, Florida
Type: Street Circuit
First Race: 2022
Contract Duration: 10 years, starting from 2022

The Autodrome features a complex series of turns and straights incorporated into the cityscape, offering a challenging track for drivers while providing an electrifying spectacle for fans.

Campus Map

The campus map of the Miami International Autodrome provides spectators with detailed guidance through various zones, including the F1 Fan Zone, dining areas, grandstand locations, and more. The map ensures fans can navigate the extensive grounds effortlessly to enjoy a full race weekend experience.

19 Corners

Number of Corners: 19
Circuit Characteristic: A mix of high-speed straights and tight corners
Lap Record: As of the latest information, the fastest official race lap records for each car class are maintained and updated after each event.

Each of the 19 corners at the Miami International Autodrome tests the drivers’ skills, with the combination of high-speed sections and technical turns demanding precision and control. The circuit layout ensures a varied and thrilling race for both drivers and spectators.

Event Schedule

The Miami Grand Prix is structured to offer a thrilling racing experience throughout the proactive event schedule. Enthusiasts can look forward to a weekend packed with high-octane practice sessions, tactical qualifying rounds, and the culminating Grand Prix race day.

Weekend Schedule

  • Friday: Practice sessions commence providing teams the chance to test their vehicles on the Miami International Autodrome.
  • Saturday: The anticipation builds up as teams battle it out during the qualifying sessions.
  • Sunday: The event peaks with the race day, set to unfold on May 5, where drivers compete for the podium.


Practice 1 and additional sessions deliver drivers their first feel of the circuit under competitive conditions, crucial for adjusting their cars to the track’s specifics.

  • First Practice (FP1): Initial set-up and data collection.
  • Further Practice Sessions (FP2, FP3): Optimization of cars leading to qualifying.

Qualifying Sessions

Qualifying is the decisive moment when drivers give it their all to secure a favorable starting position for the race itself. The session is typically split into three parts:

  • Q1: The competition heats up as drivers aim to make it to the top positions.
  • Q2: Mid-session eliminations raise the stakes.
  • Q3: The final segment determines the pole position.

Race Schedule

The race takes place on Sunday, May 5, with drivers lining up on the grid according to their qualifying results.

  • Warm-up laps allow a final check before the lights out.
  • The race is scheduled over 57 laps of heart-racing action.

Tickets and Hospitality

The Miami Grand Prix offers a range of ticket options and hospitality packages to suit different preferences and budgets. From general admission to luxurious suites, each category provides a unique way to experience the excitement of the F1 race.

3-Day General Admission

General Admission tickets provide a cost-effective way for fans to immerse themselves in the race weekend. These tickets typically offer access to various zones around the circuit, allowing patrons to explore and witness the action from multiple vantage points.

Premium Clubs

Premium clubs at the Miami Grand Prix are designed for those seeking an elevated viewing experience. These clubs often feature comfortable seating, superior views of the track, and exclusive amenities.

  • 72 Club: Presents luxurious indoor seating with all-inclusive food and beverage service.
  • Paddock Club: Offers prime views above the team garages with gourmet dining options.

VIP Hospitality

VIP hospitality at the event caters to guests looking for an exclusive and highly personalized experience. These packages often include:

  • Private suites: Ensure privacy and personalized service.
  • Gourmet meals: Crafted by top chefs to enhance the race day experience.
  • Meet-and-greets: Opportunities with drivers or team personnel (subject to availability).

Luxury Club Suites

Luxury club suites are about experiencing the Grand Prix in style and comfort, with first-class service and unmatched trackside views.

  • Start/Finish Line Suites: Situated along the main straight, providing the best views of the race start and finish.
  • MIA Marina Suites: Offer a unique perspective over the marina area with deluxe amenities.

Experience Enhancements

The Miami Grand Prix is setting a new standard in fan experience by incorporating digital innovations that streamline event access and enhance engagement through mobile technology.

Digital Ticketing

The Miami Grand Prix takes advantage of digital ticketing to ensure a seamless entry process. Attendees can download their tickets onto their mobile devices, minimizing the need for physical copies and reducing the potential for lost or forgotten tickets. This system streamlines entry, allowing fans quicker access to their seats and the event’s attractions.

Mobile Device Access

Mobile devices serve as a hub for enhanced fan engagement at the Miami Grand Prix. Through the official event app, attendees can access a variety of features including:

  • Interactive maps to navigate the circuit and facilities.
  • Real-time media news updates and official announcements.
  • A platform for sharing photos and videos to social media.
  • On-demand replays and exclusive content to supplement the live racing action.

By emphasizing digital integration, the Miami Grand Prix optimizes the spectator experience, making it more interactive, convenient, and memorable for fans.

Spectator Information

The Miami Grand Prix offers a range of seating options, ample parking, and an exclusive hospitality village to enhance the race-day experience. Visitors can expect detailed seating options, conveniently located parking, and a robust FAQ section to address all queries.

Seating Product Descriptions

Various seating options cater to different preferences and budgets:

  • Grandstands: Elevated seating providing clear views of crucial track sections.
  • General Admission: A more flexible option allowing spectators to watch from multiple vantage points.
  • Hospitality Suites: Premium spaces offering exclusive amenities, including the MIA Hospitality Village.

Parking Details

Parking at the Miami Grand Prix requires planning:

  • Pre-paid Parking: It is highly recommended to purchase parking passes in advance.
  • Shuttle Service: Available from designated parking areas to the venue.
  • Accessible Parking: Designated spaces for those with disabilities, with a valid permit required.


Common questions about the event are addressed for the spectators’ convenience:

  • What items are allowed?: Visitors should check the event’s website for a list of permitted items.
  • Are there food and beverage options on-site?: Yes, a variety of food and drink options are available within the venue.
  • Is re-entry allowed?: Policies on re-entry may vary, so attendees should verify in advance with event organizers.

Racing Events

The Miami Grand Prix features a series of racing events highlighting the pinnacle of motorsports competition. Attendees can expect high-speed action from both the Formula 1 main event and the supporting race series.

F1 Sprint

The F1 Sprint is a short-format race that takes place over a limited number of laps, providing a fast-paced and strategic battle as drivers vie for position. Points are awarded to the top finishers, which can be crucial for the championship standings. This event typically occurs on Saturday, setting the stage for Sunday’s main Grand Prix and influencing the starting grid.

Support Races

Apart from the main event, the Miami Grand Prix weekend is also home to various support races. These events showcase emerging talents and provide additional entertainment for fans. Each support race brings its own unique charm and competitive edge, often including categories such as Formula 2 or Formula 3, and serves as a platform for upcoming drivers to demonstrate their skills. The support races occur across the weekend with their own qualifying sessions and podium ceremonies, enriching the overall Grand Prix experience.

Grand Prix Legacy

The Miami Grand Prix has secured its place in racing history by hosting both renowned Formula 1 events and earlier series like the IMSA GT Championship. With a focus on innovation and a burgeoning fanbase, Miami’s investment in motorsport events promises a vibrant future in the F1 calendar.

Historical Significance

Miami’s motorsport journey began with the IMSA GT Championship in 1983. Although the inaugural Grand Prix of Miami faced hurdles, its legacy paved the way for the city’s racing tradition. The Miami International Autodrome, located in the Miami Gardens, has been a crucial venue for bringing top-tier racing action to the sunny state of Florida. The Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix debuted in 2022 and marked the expansion of the F1 calendar in the United States. Miami’s contribution to the Formula One World Championship showcases its commitment to becoming a landmark racing destination.

  • 1983: Miami hosted its first major race with the IMSA GT Championship.
  • 2022: The debut of the Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix.

Future Projections

The future of the Miami Grand Prix in the Formula One World Championship circuit appears promising. Building on the success of its F1 events, Miami aims to establish a lasting legacy akin to long-standing races like the Indianapolis 500. Its aspirations to shine as a highlight on the F1 calendar resonate with the Formula One community’s desire for growth and excitement in new markets.

  • Coming Years: Miami endeavors to strengthen its position within the F1 schedule.
  • Fan Engagement: Enhanced experiences for attendees are anticipated, underscoring Miami’s role in the sport’s expansion.

By continually adapting and improving, the Miami Grand Prix is set to become a staple among prestigious global racing events.

Accessibility and Language Services

The Miami International Autodrome, the host venue for the F1 Miami Grand Prix, provides comprehensive accessibility services. They affirm their commitment to the disabled community, ensuring the facility is fully compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). All guests should expect a high quality of accessible and inclusive services during their visit.

Language services at the event cater to a diverse audience. Announcements and information typically accommodate multiple languages, ensuring that speakers of English, Español, Français, Deutsch, and Italiano are acknowledged. This multilingual approach underlines the Grand Prix’s dedication to being an international event.

Key Accessibility Features:

  • Wheelchair Accessibility: The venue is designed with ramps and lifts where necessary.
  • Assisted Listening Devices (ALD): Available for guests with hearing impairments.

Language Assistance Availability:

  • Live Announcements: In main international languages for clarity.
  • Information Desks: Staffed with multilingual personnel.

For any specific queries or feedback about accessibility services, guests are encouraged to contact the event organizers directly. They prioritize responsiveness to the needs of all attendees to ensure a seamless experience. While the venue does not typically offer specific Cyber Monday offers directly related to accessibility or language services, it maintains a consistent focus on ensuring these provisions are available year-round.