Lewis Hamilton Could Well Be A Threat At The Hungarian Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton

In the final moments of the FP3 at the famed Hungaroring, the mighty home of the Hungarian Grand Prix, it was a familiar sight that was on the top of the timesheets and was found to be extremely dominant.

We know his name. We know the consistency and the passion he has shown in the sport that is ruthless to none. He might not be winning races at the back of his hand as he did a few seasons down the road, but Sir Lewis Hamilton still is one of the biggest talents and threats on the grid.

Well, a talent second to none for the lot that considers the fact that the sport would’ve been quite different in his absence and a threat for those who are aware of the might that Lewis Hamilton has defined the sport with.

The experienced Mercedes driver set a challenging and impressive time of 1:17:811 to go the fastest in FP3 and that made the Stevenage-born multiple world champion 0.250 seconds faster than Max Verstappen of Red Bull. Clearly, the driver most of us would place our bets on for the win at the Hungaroring is undoubtedly, Verstappen.

But even the great driver will have to be cautious about Hamilton’s menacing pace.

As a matter of fact, while Perez and Sainz, two drivers who spun out and didn’t exactly have a Friday practice run that they would be proud of must be vary of Lewis Hamilton here.

But beyond the ebb and hold of stats, there’s a certain importance attached to history at a particular racing venue as well. And where that is concerned, then it ought to be said that it clearly points to Lewis Hamilton’s way where it comes to being in a league of his own at Hungary.

As a matter of fact, no other driver of the existing lot in the sport enjoys a record as clearly dominant and exemplary as the Mercedes ace.

With no fewer than eight race wins at the Hungaroring, the 2020 World Champion is beyond doubt a great of the track here. Three of his wins have been on the trot at the famous racing venue. It was Lewis Hamilton who won three races on the bounce at the noted European venue, one each in 2018, 2019 and 2020.

Back then, he was dealing and handling the pressure of Vettel and Raikkonen. Today, given the rich vein of form he’s demonstrated, he’s keeping Alonso, Leclerc and maybe even Verstappen at bay.

And while the qualifying battle, about to begin shortly, may be anyone’s for the taking, it doesn’t quite seem very certain that Lewis Hamilton will be too far off the time sheets in the final standings.

Despite not having the most brilliant car at his side in 2023, Lewis Hamilton can be seen at his fighting best. He will certainly draw heart from the fact that when F1 came racing here the last year around, he finished on the podium, even if that wasn’t the top step.

Having had great winning experience in the past and unquestionably, the much needed wisdom in all these years, the mighty competitive driver may still have some aces up his sleeve at a time where we reckon Verstappen might just be the lone contender for the win.

However, in the search for that elusive 2023 win, will it be too easy for Sir Lewis Hamilton at Hungary?


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