New Stakes At Sauber: Team Undergoes Name Change To Stake


One of the most alluring parts, if one could put it that way, about Formula 1 is that the sport isn’t only always driven by great speeds and amazing aerodynamic features alone; the sport also pivots around the huge stakes involved in sponsors and advertisements, and the sum total of commercial dealings that drive the sport to be a major buck spinner that we know it to be.

Which is why one of the main realities of F1 as we know it are big sponsors and team name changes; new bids attracted by teams often lead to an identity change.

Perhaps one of the main reasons as to why what was once Sauber, a heritage name in the top flight of Motorsport, shall now be known as Stake. The brand new name of a successful F1 marquee that up until this point was Sauber is Stake.

A development that will be remembered for bringing about a fresh change of sorts to a famed Swiss racing marquee in the highest echelons of motor racing.

As a matter of fact, Sauber recently unveiled what shall be its new logo for the next two seasons of the Formula 1 World Championship season; the Formula 1 team shall now race as Stake, which actually happens to be a leading online gaming company.

Furthermore, it ought to be noted that Stake was also the sponsor of the Alfa Romeo team until last year (i.e., the 2023 F1 world championship).

But now the nature of its partnership with Sauber has expanded into a whole new dimension.

Further reports from leading Motorsport platforms such as ESPN had the following insights to share with regard to this brand new development:

The team will also unveil a new look car for the coming season, although there have been no hints about what that might look like beyond the black and white logo. Stake is also yet to confirm the date on which it will launch the car.

Stake will have big shoes to fill, with the Alfa Romeo’s mix of red, white and black liveries of recent seasons have widely been considered to have been among the best on the grid.

Sauber’s F1 team is one of three to not be headquartered in the UK, operating from a base in Hinwil, Switzerland.

All of that said, racers like Kimi Raikkonen have debuted and established their F1 careers at Sauber, a racing name that now won’t run on the F1 grid with Stake having taken over. There’s been such a stellar history involved with teams like Sauber.

With big stakes usually involved in one of the fastest forms of racing known to man, Sauber will hope that Stake, the new avatar, succeeds just as it did all these years in F1.

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