What Haas Mick Schumacher’s Spectacular Monaco Crash Cost His Team?

Mick Schumacher
Mick Schumacher

Mick Schumacher’s career offers more promise than points; it tends to point to a state of optimism often clouded by doubt for Mick can do a lot more than he is. Now that 2022 has offered him a fine car and a teammate whose performances in the opening Grands Prix this season were anything but disappointing, the onus is on Mick Schumacher to deliver.

And that’s not only because one could say time is running out for a driver who generates much of talk primarily to the redoubtable racing pedigree he belongs to. But that’s also down to the fact that with such a fine array of young drivers always breaking into Motorsport’s top flight, one can never take one’s seat for granted.

By that count, Mick Schumacher must do better than the recent string of results he’s fetched his American marquee team; at Monaco, he’d spiral out of control only to collide into the barriers, thus dashing to the ground what could’ve been another promising race.

But the key discussion that emerged thereupon was the enormous bill his Haas team would’ve incurred resulting from his spectacular crash on lap 27, which saw his car split up in two. Interestingly, it wasn’t the first time that Mick crashed; the noted German driver had also suffered a huge crash previously in Saudi Arabia.

But then given the impact and the debris field, it was always expected that the chassis belonging to the Haas of Mick Schumacher could be destroyed. Though, what was most surprising was the fact that not just the chassis, but the engine and gearbox had been destroyed too.

And that is why it was a matter of concern that the total bill Mick Schumacher’s Monaco GP crash.

Though, having said that that, it was only after the process of examining the wreckage, that Haas found out that the Mick crash was perhaps less serious where the cost concerned with it stood than it (first) appeared.

The following is what among the leading F1 publication Planet F1 put it:

Haas only need to replace the bodywork and the outer part of the gearbox as there was ‘no irreparable damage to the chassis, and even the power unit, the Ferrari 066/7 , came out of the accident unscathed.

And the above told, here’s what Damon Hill, former Formula 1 world champion had to say in the context of Mick Schumacher’s crashes for Haas, that gladly from a team perspective aren’t going to cost Haas all that much:

To be honest, if you whack a Formula One car in the right place, you can see it swinging around and the back of the car takes a blow laterally rather than longitudinally, and so they’re quite weak in that direction and sometimes they’re designed to break apart. But yes, it looks pretty alarming, isn’t it? And actually, it’s quite an amusing moment where the marshals picked up the back of the car and just wheeled it off like a wheelbarrow.”

The great British racing driver also explained how things did look worse for Haas given Mick Schumacher’s recent Monaco crash but in reality, was anything but:

“But, you know, in actual fact, it looks worse than it is. I mean, a rotational accident is actually quite a good thing because it dissipates the energy and the driver, the shock if you like goes into the breaking of the back of the car off and rather than into the cockpit where the driver sits.”

Having said the above, what’ll be exciting to note would be whether the German can tackle the usually acerbic challenge that another street race, Azerbaijan throws up in just a few hours’ time?

Mick Schumacher
BAHRAIN INTERNATIONAL CIRCUIT, BAHRAIN – MARCH 28: Mick Schumacher (DEU, PREMA RACING) during the Bahrain GP at Bahrain International Circuit on March 28, 2019 in Bahrain International Circuit, Bahrain. (Photo by Jerry Andre / Sutton Images)


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