Formula 1 Grid Talk Episode 20: 2020 Pre-Season Test 1

Formula 1 Grid Talk Episode 20: 2020 Pre-Season Test 1
Formula 1 Grid Talk Episode 20: 2020 Pre-Season Test 1

Welcome to Episode 20 of Formula 1 Grid Talk, hosted by George Howson!

A lot has happened during the first half of the pre-season testing. Some surprised us with their ingenious development, some were consistent and others fell behind. In this episode we talk about how each team has performed, what went well and what did not. We also talked about why Nicholas Latifi is a force to be reckoned.

Today, joining host George Howson we have sports journalist Louis Edwards, engineering student Owain Medford, and sports analyst Phillip Horton. If you missed the pre-season testing or just want to know more about it from people who were trackside, this episode is well worth a listen.

In This Episode

  1. Mercedes Benz ingenious steering system. [00:53]
  2. How is Ferrari going this pre-season?  [06:08]
  3. A consistent running car is important, and Red Bull have been doing that [09:33]
  4. A very interesting year for Renault [11:42]
  5. Racing Point car was inspired by Mercedes [15:25]
  6. Alpha Tauri has the rear end of last year’s Red Bull  [21:39]
  7. Alfa Romeo testing result is very promising so far [23:20]
  8. Massive progress for Williams [28:17]
  9. Nicholas Latifi may pose a threat to other drivers [31:29]
  10. What to look forward to next week [33:04]

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