Formula 1 Boss Wants The Mercedes And Red Bull Teams To Reconcile


The 2021 Formula 1 season will go down as one of the most dramatic and interesting ones in most recent years. Motorsport fans will undoubtedly be extremely happy with what they saw this year in Formula 1. The big names this year were without a doubt Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen who left the fans on the edge of their seats wondering who the new champion is going to be until the very end of the season. We will keep you updated with all the latest news concerning everything related to sports, Formula 1, Lewis Hamilton, or Max Verstappen!

The 2021 title controversy

Max Verstappen has been leading the ranking for quite some time before the final Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi on the 12th of December. Max could’ve secured the title a lot sooner but Lewis Hamilton showed amazing driving in the Brazilian, Qatar, and Saudi Arabian Grand Prix and won them all leaving everything to the final Grand Prix.

Despite this season of Formula 1 being an absolute delight, some fans were left very disappointed with how it all ended in the final Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. The Mercedes-Benz team was furious about some decisions by the referees that according to them greatly benefited Max Verstappen.

The Mercedes team was extremely unhappy with the decisions of the race director Michael Masi. According to Lewis Hamilton’s team, Masi’s handling of the final few laps has been scandalous, and that the Sporting Regulations were not followed as Max Verstappen was allowed to drive with new tires in the 58 and final lap.

Toto Wolff and Lewis Hamilton even boycotted the FIA gala in Paris – an event that Hamilton was required to attend as he did manage to secure 2nd place this season.

Stefano Domenicali hopes for better days

Stefano Domenicali expressed his disappointment of how both camps are attending to this problem and said he hopes that the issues will be resolved sooner rather than later. The Formula 1 boss recently said in an interview that reconciliation is the only option for Mercedes and Red Bull and that he has no doubts about Lewis Hamilton returning to Formula 1 in 2022.

“Those who live with a few certainties mean that they sleep well. We will have to evaluate day-by-day the relationships between Mercedes and Red Bull, so we can avoid any personal clashes that we have seen to serve no benefit to anyone.”

Despite the Mercedes – Red Bull clash, the season wasn’t ruined according to the Formula 1 CEO and he said that he was happy with how the season unfolded as this season of the Formula 1 has been watched by over 2 billion people. He was also very happy with the fact that the final battle between Max and Lewis turned out to be the most-watched sporting event in 2021.

Will Mercedes and Red Bull bury the hatched? We don’t know for certain but what we do know is that the 2022 season is going to be a real treat for the fans!

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