Ferrari Set To Shift To Red Bull-Style Sidepods!


The technical definition of a sidepod suggests that it is a very critical component of the aerodynamic feature of an F1 car, one that present on either sides of the machinery, allows to improve the overall driveability and functionality of the car thus making it faster and competitive on the track.

The role of a sidepod

Although, just one among the components, the sidepod design and capability can go a long way towards helping in reducing the drag on the F1 car, thereby improving the overall speed.

And where speed and drivability is concerned, both being linked, but of course to performance, Ferrari would certainly like some sort of upliftment.

Which is precisely what the famed Italian giant is about to get in the days to follow.

News is that Ferrari are to receive Red Bull-style sidepods in the imminent future, which will hopefully, get the 2023 machinery to operate hopefully at a higher level of performance than what is currently evident.

Is Leclerc optimistic about the new Ferrari sidepods?

And truth be told, what is currently evident is a long list of woes associated with the overall aerodynamic functioning of the SF 23 that have ultimately hindered the on-track performances on most Sundays than what the team would’ve ever liked.

So far down are Ferrari at the moment that even when it is reminded that so far, the team has collected a solitary podium (which wasn’t even a win), it simply pains and makes the F1 fan fawn with great displeasure.

But having said that, just what do we know about the soon-to-arrive Red Bull-style sidepods that Ferrari apparently are betting big on?

Basis some interesting updates provided by one of the leading F1 publications, the following information has come to light:

While the new sidepods may not appear to be a direct copy of the Red Bull version, it is understood that they will mark a notable change of direction from what Ferrari has run up until now.

The change may suggest that the team has concluded that the tyre issues it is suffering in races are more related to the aerodynamic aspects of the car than any mechanical setup issue.

While the car may look different, Charles Leclerc played down suggestions of a dramatic change in fortunes, although he hoped the tweaks would help deliver the consistency that Ferrari has been lacking.

The above told, what Leclerc has offered is an honest view ascertaining the overall impact that the soon-to-arrive sidepods may have over the fortunes of the recalcitrant 2023 machine. And maybe, it just makes sense to dwell in practicality than go ga-ga over a small aero update that may not necessarily shake up Ferrari’s opponents:

Which is why, what he said recently in this regard made sense. Leclerc, who was the pole sitter at the last Spanish Grand Prix (in 2022), would add: “We are not expecting any big miracles, to be honest. From now on, we want to try and bring some small upgrades every race. This one should go in the right direction. But I don’t think it will be a massive change.”

Charles Leclerc
Can Leclerc or Sainz turn it around for Ferrari at Spain, the next stop?

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