Carlos Sainz Not In Favour Of Another Race In Spain!

Carlos Sainz
Carlos Sainz

Formula 1 has been on an expansion drive and in a bid to attract more audiences and spread the love for mainstream Grand Prix racing, the sport has expanded to even those parts of the world where one hardly ever thought that it would reach one day.

How is that?

For instance, one never thought that the sport, so deeply embedded in the DNA of Europe would have ever reached Bahrain, but once it got there, it only found massive following.

The most recent big destinations that Formula 1, a massive buck spinner would target and much to its success would be destinations, about which it can be said weren’t really that F1-oriented in the days of the nineties and the 2000s.

Just who would’ve thought that an F1 Grand Prix would take place on the streets of Transcontinental country?

But when the first edition of the Azerbaijan Grand Prix took place half a decade back in the day in 2017, it was as if, the sport would never say no to it, at least, for several years running.

Then, came along races like the Jeddah-bound Saudi Arabian Grand Prix and the Doha-bound Qatar Grand Prix.

Still, very much a European sport, F1 is targeting to reach unprecedented destinations and establish a new reign of sorts in the domain of racing.

But when Stefano Domenicali recently met with authorities in Madrid for a possible Grand Prix, which if all goes well, would become the second race in Spain, it lead to an interesting scenario wherein one questioned whether having two races in Spain would make sense.

Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz jr. expressed his point of view on the perspective of having a possible second race in Spain:  

“I think Barcelona now is doing a great job and I’ve been enjoying coming to Barcelona many years,” said Carlos Sainz of Ferrari who has a best place finish of P6 at his home race in Spain.

Though, when asked about whether it would make lot of sense by adding another Formula 1 Grand Prix to the one that already takes place each year in Spain, the following is what the Madrid-born driver had to say:

“I don’t think it’s the intention of everyone, especially when you look at where they are going with the races and the new horizons they have in the [United] States and everywhere, so I don’t believe two Grands Prix in Spain is feasible right now.”

Having said that, Sainz, who’s hoping to put forward his best shot at the soon-to-begin Spanish Grand Prix also touched about the sport keeping up with the importance of holding Europe as its base. He’d add, “But I do feel like out of the Europe circuits or places that F1 is wanting to stay and is wanting to make sure we keep a base in Europe like we’ve seen in recent years.”

Carlos Sainz further iterated the importance of having a Grand Prix in Spain, which also features on the list of important things on the part of the sport, “I do think Spain is the right place to keep a yearly Grand Prix and I’m sure Spain is going to do everything they can do to keep it, and I think it’s the right move.”


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