Can Verstappen And Perez’s Relationship Recover For Next Season?

F1 in 2022
F1 in 2022

Max Verstappen recently refused to follow team orders that would have seen Red Bull teammate Sergio Perez finish in a higher position at the Brazilian Grand Prix, which has caused a strain in the relationship between the two Formula 1 drivers. It continues to this day, and some people believe that their problems won’t go away. It has also led people to wonder if Verstappen will support Perez in upcoming races.

Why the fallout?

Red Bull said that they came up with the last-minute idea for Max Verstappen to give up a place at the Brazilian Grand Prix to help teammate Sergio Perez potentially finish in a higher position, which would have put him on a higher Championship points tally above rival Charles Leclerc. However, Verstappen didn’t follow orders. He is currently at the top of the 2022 Driver’s Championship with 429 points, and both Charles Leclerc (Ferrari) and Sergio Perez are stuck at joint-second position with 290 points. In fourth place with 265 points is George Russel (Mercedes) and in fifth place with 240 points is Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes).

If Perez had finished higher in Brazil, it would have been the first time that team Red Bull had the top two players in first and second position based on how many points they have earned so far throughout the season. According to Red Bull, Verstappen, and Perez, the tactics hadn’t been discussed pre-race. However, many people wonder why Verstappen didn’t want to help his teammate out, which has led directly to their relationship breakdown.

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