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The first round of the 2019 Formula One season is almost here. The start of a new season is always exciting, after a busy winter preparing for testing and the Australian Grand Prix.

So much time and energy has been put into creating W10 and the Mercedes team are looking forward to seeing how their new car fares on the track in Melbourne.

“It’s finally time to go racing again,” said Toto Wolff. “Everyone in Brackley and Brixworth has poured so much effort and commitment into this new car, so we’re excited to finally see it compete on track in Melbourne.

“Last year, we had to give it absolutely everything to come out on top. From what we have learned so far, this year will be even tougher.

“It will push us to our limits – and that’s an exciting prospect for every single one of us.”

New technical regulations for 2019 Formula 1 season

New aero regulations and new tyres are just a few of the challenges the teams face this season, meaning adaptability will be crucial.

“Judging from the performance in Barcelona, it looks like we will have a proper fight on our hands in Melbourne,” Toto added.

“But an F1 season is not just about who comes out of the blocks quickest; under new regulations like we have this year, it is about who is able to adapt best to the new rules and the new tyres and all the challenges that we will have to master during the year.

“The most adaptable and agile team will come out on top this season. We have shown in the past that we are fast and flexible and that we can handle every curveball thrown at us.

“We’re ready for the fight and look forward to the crazy rollercoaster of a new F1 season.”


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