Stefano Domenicali Not Concerned About F1’s Growing Calendar

Stefano Domenicali
Stefano Domenicali

He is one of the most popular, widely known and noted figures from the vivacious world of Formula 1. He is also a figure familiar with the vastly changing vagaries of the sport, someone who has seen different eras of the top tier of motor-sport racing. Moreover, he was once with Ferrari; today, he commands the sport with the alacrity and observation of a discerning top boss.

Few things miss the observant and keen eyes of a gentleman called Stefano Domenicali.

Having said that, one of the telling reminders of the changing dynamics of Formula 1 today is the sheer number of Grand Prix contests that are being held at present.

Having said that, it’s important to reflect over the fact that there was once this time, where in the pre turbo hybrid era of the sport, there would be, at the most, seventeen or eighteen races held each year.

However, today things have changed.

It’s hard to imagine a Formula 1 season where there would be anything under 20 or 22 races, at the very least. Which is where the current, i.e., the 2024 season becomes groundbreaking in that for the first time ever, Formula 1 is witnessing a year where 24 races are being held. 24, mind you!

Dust has settled on five of the Grands Prix already.

In that regard, one of the most important and widespread discussions is whether this is too big a number or maybe not that big enough after all?

It has, resultantly, fuelled endless discussions both on and off the grid that include driver reactions and feedback given by F1 pundits and the fan, in general.

But what does Stefano Domenicali think of it?

What does the sport’s boss think of there being twenty four races in the space of a single year, something completely unprecedented?

Speaking his mind to Sky F1 recently, the following is what the bespectacled Italian boss of Grand Prix racing in its supremest form had to say:

“I think 24 is an optimal number with the events that we have so far.”

But he would add, “The good news of this year, I took as a sort of responsibility from the teams and to the promoters, to everyone, to announce the calendar much earlier than normally we do in order for everyone to be ready. And of course, has been another step in the direction or try to, we are regionalising the calendar. We cannot do it completely, but I think that we did the right step, so, very happy for that.”

Having said that, while drivers like Fernando Alonso have been vocal in their trenchant criticism of a season that seems clearly inflated, perhaps it’s fair to say that Stefano Domenicali thinks of the matter differently. He would add his insight on the perspective of the fan with regard to the current calendar and share:

“It’s a matter of respect of the fans. They want to see them racing and it’s something that we have, once again, the responsibility of all our fans, our partners, our promoters, our sponsors, our broadcasters, everyone.”

Top Drivers Slam Excessive 2024 F1 Calendar
ZANDVOORT, NETHERLANDS – AUGUST 27: many top F1 drivers don’t side with having a burgeoning calendar as is the case currently (Photo by Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images) // Getty Images / Red Bull Content Pool // SI202308270757 // Usage for editorial use only //


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