The Best Formula 1 Podcasts of 2019

Christmas may be over for another year, but it’s not only Santa who makes a list and checks it twice; introducing the best Formula 1 podcasts of 2019…

With so much Formula 1 news available across multiple platforms, and all with their own unique spin on things, have you ever wondered what is the best Formula 1 podcast to give your time and ears to?

Well, wonder no more…

The Best Formula 1 Podcasts

Here we give you our pick of the best Formula 1 podcasts of 2019, in no particular order.

Each has a unique format and style of presentation, and as such, will appeal to a wide range of people. There’s something for everyone here, whether you like interviews, technical info, news, or laughs.

F1: Beyond The Grid

Formula 1 is the pinnacle of motorsport, and as you would expect, F1: Beyond the Grid is the pinnacle of Formula 1 podcasts.

Hosted by Tom Clarkson, F1: Beyond The Grid is a weekly podcast that features in-depth interviews and personal conversations with current drivers and personalities in the paddock, as well as many of the greats of the sport.

Where many podcasts and interviews fall short by failing to go into deep topics with guests, Tom is adept at asking questions that get his guests talking and sharing insights that are rarely seen in race day coverage.

3Legs4Wheels Formula 1 Podcast

The team from 3Legs4Wheels have been podcasting for a long time, with over 200 podcasts under their belt, their weekly show is a fun and fantastic summary of everything happening in the world of F1.

A keen combination of technical info, race summaries, news, and the most interesting podcast titles in the sport, this is one Formula 1 podcast that is well worth subscribing to.

Shift+F1: A Formula 1 Podcast

If you want to know the latest on Pastor Maldonado (and have a lot of laughs) then the Shift+F1 podcast is for you.

In a sport that can get bogged down in seriousness and minutia, the Shift+F1 team are a breath of fresh air with their unique take on race recaps.

They’re also one of the few Formula 1 podcasts who do race previews which is a bonus, as it means you get an episode per week throughout the season to enjoy!

AusF1: Australia’s Formula 1 Podcast

You could be forgiven for thinking this was a podcast about the Australian Grand Prix only, which would be a cracking podcast for two to three weeks a year then, well, could be a little boring.


This podcast is anything but.

James and the team kicked off the podcast at the start of the 2019 season and have gone from strength to strength as the year progressed, with a ton of banter amongst friends, who are unashamedly biased towards their home-town here Daniel Ricciardo.

If there’s one thing we love at F1 Chronicle it is big opinions, and these guys have them in spades.

We’re looking forward to seeing big things from AusF1 in 2020.

Superlicense F1 Podcast

The Superlicense F1 Podcast is one of the most well established Formula 1 podcasts, with Rod and Zach putting together over 150 episodes to date.

They do an amazing job of being one of the fastest podcasts to publish after each race, meaning you can almost go straight from the chequered flag to listening to their banter and views on the race you’ve just watched.

Their ‘Superquiz’ is also a lot of fun, so get involved.

F1 Weekly

With a staggering 800+ episodes in the tank, F1 Weekly is quite rightly known as the premiere motorsport podcast

What we really love about F1 Weekly is they also cover Formula 2, Formula 3, and even explore other categories from around the world.

Nasir Hameed, the teams Historical Correspondent, is an absolute wealth of knowledge on the history of Formula 1 and if he doesn’t know something about F1, it’s not worth knowing.

Inside Line F1 Podcast

The Inside Line F1 Podcast is a fantastic weekly show that offers some great alternate views on the sport, and does it with witty humour.

One of the things we love about this podcast is Mithila and Kunal don’t only focus on the news, they also look to the future and add commentary on the direction they see things heading, and add their own opinions into the mix.

Their recent episode explaining why Ferrari should go after Toto Wolff before Lewis Hamilton was particularly insightful.

A lot of podcasts have paused until the 2020 season starts, but Inside Line hasn’t, so it is a great way to get your F1 podcast fix during the offseason.

Formula 1 Grid Talk

It’s our best Formula 1 podcast list and we’ll add ourselves if we want to ๐Ÿ™‚

What started off as a hair-brained idea during the mid-season break quickly escalated, and has ended up becoming a project that everyone involved has fallen in love with, and has even seen us make some new friends thanks to a podcasting sub-Reddit.

Host George Howson has been a champion throughout, not breaking stride on recording episodes even with the birth of baby Rex.

The podcast started out very rough and ready, just a recording on Zoom uploaded to various platforms, but like any good F1 team we rolled out several upgrades as the season went on which some of you must have liked, because now we’re a pretty big deal in Holland.

We know we’re still backmarkers in the world of podcasting, but we’re learning, and with a few new technical packages on their way, in 2020 we are looking to join the midfield of Formula 1 podcasts, we hope you join us on the ride.

Have we included your favourite Formula 1 podcast on our list? If we haven’t, make sure you comment below with the name and link so we can check it out, and if we deem it worthy, we will add it to our list.

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