Formula 1 Grid Talk Episode 12: 2019 Brazilian Grand Prix Review

Welcome to Episode 12 of Formula 1 Grid Talk, hosted by George Howson! In this episode, George and the team will be reviewing the 2019 Brazilian Grand Prix.

In this episode the team discuss:

  • Max Verstappen back on form in a superb drive to dominate the Brazilian Grand Prix.
  • Gasly and Sainz claim their first podiums after fantastic drives.
  • Alfa Romeo’s Raikkonen and Giovinazzi get their best results of the season after keeping their noses clean.
  • Ricciardo a good drive to sixth, but Renault lose vital ground to Toro Rosso in the battle for fifth.
  • Hamilton with a rush of blood to the head and a deserved penalty for the world champion.
  • Norris, Kvyat and Perez with decent drives to round out the points.
  • Unlucky for Russell and Magnussen to miss out on points.
  • Ferrari humiliating themselves with their drivers crashing, but who was at fault? And what has to be done to try and stamp them out.

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