Fast, Exciting Games For Motorsports Fans

Fast, Exciting Games for Motorsports Fans
Fast, Exciting Games for Motorsports Fans

If you love car races and the speed and excitement that comes with them, you’ll love these motorsport-inspired slot machines. These games bring the thrill of the race track to the casino, giving players the chance to experience the adrenaline rush of racing as they play a simple casual game on their phones or computers. Online slot machines are among the most popular types of casino games. These games feature exciting themes, fast-paced action, and big payouts, making them a favorite among players. If they are inspired by a sport that’s fast-paced and exciting like motor racing, it’s a match made in heaven.

Here are some of the most popular online slot machines inspired by motor racing. And if you wonder where to play them with the biggest payouts possible, you can find a list at

Good to Go (Microgaming)

Good to Go is one of the few online video slot machines that are actually inspired by Formula 1, although not an official game (because the FIA seems to be very selective with its video game genres). The game looks and feels a bit dated (after all, it was released a decade ago) but it has everything, except an up-to-date look – F1-inspired symbols, a beautiful red race car, wheels, and helmets.

The game has a good range of special features and bonuses, sound effects that add to the atmosphere, and a “gamble” feature that makes it attractive to slot fans. Its visuals may not be satisfactory for all – it has been released a decade ago, so its visuals are a bit dated. Still, it’s the slot machine for F1 fans to try.

Speed Heroes (Redrake)

This is one game that could be paying a tribute to any number of motorsports on four wheels. The game’s reels are filled with symbols ranging from gas canisters to spark plugs, and it has two protagonists – drivers who could be racing anywhere from F1 to Top Gear.

The game has a truly “speedy” look and feels, with animated symbols and cheering drivers. Plus, it comes with a huge variety of bonus features that will satisfy even the most demanding slot fans.

Racing for Pinks (Microgaming)

At one time, (illegal) street racing was all the rage thanks to popular video game franchises like “Need for Speed” and the “Fast and Furious” movie series. No wonder that we could stumble upon things with this theme pretty much everywhere, including online casinos. One of the best examples of this is Microgaming’s “Racing for Pinks” slot machine.

In the game, the characters depicted on the reels race “for pinks”, as in pink slips, the slang name used for the cars’ certificate of ownership in the US. This means that those who lose the race also forfeit the ownership of their cars. The game has a fun undeground racing theme, complete with a soundtrack to match, creating an immersive atmosphere.

Drive: Multiplier Mayhem (NetEnt)

Finally, here’s a game that has nothing to do with motorsports – it goes full underground with its theme. Drive: Multiplier Mayhem has just one car but an entire team of characters that went full “Tokyo Drift” against the backdrop of a big city at night.

Speedometers, multipliers, nitro, and big wins are the most prominent features of the game. It’s obviously not a game for racing fans – but if you enjoy slot machines even a bit, you’ll most likely love it at first sight. While it doesn’t directly relate to racing – aside from the “undeground” speedsters on its reels, and, of course, its title – it does have a hreat atmosphere that makes it a great way to kill some time.

Wild Chase: Tokyo Go (Quickspin)

Here’s one game that is undoubtedly inspired by “Tokyo Drift”, at least in its name. But its name is misleading: although it does prominently feature a supercar, its focus is not on cars or racing but on heists. The characters on the reels are exactly ther types you would be involved in a clever plot to steal gold, diamonds, and other riches – and would celebrate with expensive champagne when they are successful. By the way, these are all symbols on the game’s reels.

The game has beautiful graphics and an unmistakable atmosphere. And a beautiful yellow supercar speeding against a Japanese skyline.

The Equalizer (Red Tiger Gaming)

Finally, let us mention a game that has little to do with racing but gives players the best feeling of speed of all the games above: The Equalizer by Red Tiger Gaming. It does feature a yellow supercar, though.

The Equalizer has a look and feel that first reminded us of Audiosurf, a music game where you speed through a track generated based on the tune playing in the background. The Equalizer has a slightly “vaporwave” look and feel, and is also built around music – but with the added effect of speed.

The Wild symbols on the reels are styled similar to accelerators in futuristic racing games. Occasionally, these Wilds will expand and “speed up” the wins they trigger. The game will expand the play area as a response to wins. While it may not be a racing-themed slot per se, it does come with a definite feeling of speed, and it has the atmosphere of one. Give it a try.

Parting words

Whether you’re a fan of Formula 1 or just love the thrill of racing, no matter what the sport is, there are plenty of casino games inspired by fast cars and various motorsports that are sure to satisfy your need for speed. Even if some of them are not focused on racing itself, they do have what it takes to recreate the feeling of pushing pedal to the metal through their look and atmosphere. So why not hit the casino floor today and experience the excitement for yourself? And if you’re looking for more F1-inspired slot machines, check out this page.


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