F1 2019 Canadian Grand Prix: Red Bull Racing Ready for Montreal Battle

One of the great strengths of Formula One is the variety of venues with which cars and drivers have to cope. We talk about optimising setup – but the reason that is so very hard to do is that the demands are very different week to week. There is probably no greater performance gap than the one from Monaco to Montréal. It is a very different circuit. It’s practically a different sport.

This is always a good week for F1. Montréal embraces its race. The action switches from track to city centre, where the roads are closed and the party on Crescent Street takes off every evening. The weather can be a mixed bag – it might be cold, wet or hot enough to melt the tarmac – but the crowd will be massive and enthusiastic whatever happens. It’s also one of the narrowest main straights of the year – which generates a great atmosphere in the pitlane and garages.

Max Verstappen “Montreal is always a nice city to go to. The track is actually pretty challenging even though it looks like there are quite a lot of straights. The chicanes and how you ride the kerbs is important as it can compromise you a lot if you make a mistake. It’s all connected, left to right or right to left, if you make a mistake on one of them, then your whole sequence is destroyed. It’s a fun track, at least you can overtake if needed and I always enjoy going there. I expect Ferrari to be more competitive in Canada, so for us it may be a bit more difficult, but as always we will try and maximise the result.”

Pierre Gasly “Canada is a great place and the fact people speak French there also makes life a bit easier for me! It’s a good track with a lot of history and it usually produces some decent racing with its long straight. I’ve only been to Canada once before so I don’t know much about Montreal but I’m happy to be going back and it’s a track that’s usually good for the Team. Max finished third there last year and Daniel got his first win with the Team in Montreal so it’s always been pretty successful for Red Bull. I think you always relate a track with your previous performance there and I was P11 in 2018 so it was ok but this year I will be aiming for much better.” 

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