Domenicali Hits Back At Verstappen’s F1 Criticism

F1 Grand Prix Of Emilia Romagna Practice & Qualifying
F1 Grand Prix Of Emilia Romagna Practice & Qualifying

Stefano Domenicali has defended all the changes that are being made to Formula 1’s traditional format.

World champion Max Verstappen has warned that he could actually quit F1 prior to the expiry of his 2028 contract – with rule changes made for the ‘show’ given as a main reason.

“I think it’s good that Max gives his opinion,” Formula 1 CEO Domenicali told the Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf. “But we can’t put the sport in the hands of the drivers.

“It’s not because they can’t be trusted, because I listen to them, but they also have to look at the bigger picture, and they don’t always do that,” the Italian explained.

“That’s understandable, because their goal is to be as fast as possible. But we as an organisation are in favour of doing what is best for the sport.

Domenicali said he acknowledges the influence the high-profile drivers have with their public comments, but thinks F1 has proved that the changes have resulted in the rude health the sport is currently in.

“I think we have done that in recent years, otherwise we would have been in a different position,” he said.

“The drivers shouldn’t have all the power after all – I talk about that with Max. He is honest and I appreciate that and I can even personally agree with him, but my own opinion doesn’t always matter either.

“My job is to see what is happening in the world and do what is good for the sport. Of course there are seasoned fans who have grown up with Formula 1 and only want to do it one way, but there are also many new fans who are open to other things.

“As you also see with MotoGP, American football and other sports, the traditional approach is being abandoned, and we were one of the first to do so,” added Domenicali.

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