Andretti’s F1 Rejection Proves The Sport Is Run By A Cartel

Michael Andretti
Michael Andretti

Andretti’s F1 rejection proves the sport is run by a cartel, as it’s become impossible for the fabled “Team 11” to become a reality.

Andretti isn’t the only team to attempt to join Formula 1, but it is the most high-profile and what was considered to be the most likely to join the grid. However, Andretti’s rejection is a huge hammer blow to both the fans of the sport and prospective companies wanting to join F1.

So, why has Andretti been rejected? And is this a fair decision given Formula 1’s reasoning? We’re going to go on a deep dive to see how we ended up here.

Andretti’s F1 Rejection Proves the Sport is Run by a Cartel

To outsiders, this news may have come as a surprise, especially given that the FIA actually approved Andretti to join Formula 1. There was a showdown looming over Andretti’s bid, but the FIA gave the American company the green light to join.

Michael Andretti had stated that he was hoping for an answer over his team’s F1 bid by July 2023, but it’s taken until January 2024 for F1 to get through its own red tape. However, this wasn’t worth the wait, as Andretti has been flat out rejected by F1.

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The reasoning behind this is that Andretti apparently “would not on its own add value” and that F1 believes that “the applicant would [not] be a competitive participant”.

If you’re thinking those two statements don’t make any sense, then you’re not the only one. Saying that Andretti wouldn’t be competitive without even making a car is insane. Plus, how competitive have Haas and Alfa Romeo been these past few seasons? Not very.

Stating that Andretti wouldn’t add any value to the sport either is wrong and disrespectful. As we’ll get into soon, Andretti is one of the most famous names in motorsport and has more history in racing than the likes of Red Bull and “Racing Bulls”, who are both owned by the same company.

The phrase “the game was rigged from the start” comes to mind.

Formula 1 has said that Andretti can try to join again for 2028, if it secures manufacturer backing from Cadillac, who are joining the grid as an engine supplier in ’28. However, who actually believes this at this point?

Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. Andretti would be foolish to think that applying again in a few years would make any difference.

Formula 1 are hypocrites

It wasn’t always this way. Joining Formula 1 never used to be this difficult, but since Liberty’s takeover, no new team has joined the grid. Yes, teams have changed ownership, such as Force India becoming Racing Point and now Aston Martin.

However, there has been no truly new team join since Haas in 2016. Yes, no team has left during this time either, but a static total of 20 drivers is low by F1 standards, historically at least. The cost cap was thought to be something to allow teams to stay in the sport and new teams to join.

Two Of The Most Surprising Driver Moves In F1 History 
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Now though, it’s clear that this was an outright lie, as F1 has rejected a team that has an instantly recognisable name, with manufacturer backing, and that has the capital to compete long-term in F1.

Another lie is when the team principles of the ten teams say they’re losing money in F1. That cannot be true, as they’d all leave the sport or call for sweeping changes to make their ventures profitable. They’ll say they’re in for the racing rather than the money but who honestly believes that?

There’s more money in F1 than ever before, especially with the vanity events on the calendar such as Saudi Arabia, Las Vegas and Miami lining the pockets of those involved with the sport. Formula 1 has sold its soul and is making a disgusting amount of money and don’t let anybody tell you any different.

Even historical events are being butchered, with Spain moving to a street circuit in part of a very unpopular trend towards street tracks. That’ll continue to be expanded, as the Chicago Grand Prix has been trademarked by F1, so that will be the next street track in the coming years.

Who are Andretti?

It’s no exaggeration to say that Andretti is one of the most famous names in motorsport. Andretti Autosport was born out of 1991 IndyCar Champion Michael Andretti buying IndyCar Green Racing in 2002. Since then, Andretti has expanded to compete in IMSA, Formula E, Extreme E and more.

Michael is the son of Mario Andretti, America’s greatest-ever racer. He’s the only man to win the Indy 500, Daytona 500 and the F1 World Championship (1978). Andretti’s name coming back to F1 is akin to great racing names such as Williams, McLaren and Brabham.

Mario Andretti | American Formula 1 Drivers

It is a huge shame that despite the huge expansion of Formula 1’s popularity in the United States, the US has so little show in terms of current teams and drivers.

The only American team is Haas, who are all but backmarkers and have done nothing to endear the American public to them, just look at the hiring of Nikita Mazepin as a prime example! Logan Sargeant joined the grid last season, but he’s hardly a world-beater after scoring a grand total of one point in 2023.

Andretti genuinely would’ve been exciting, it would’ve shaken up the grid and allowed the likes of top IndyCar drivers to get a chance in F1. Instead, though, F1 and the teams have chosen to keep their golden goose and not share it, like a toddler with its favourite toy.

If they’re not careful, that goose will die before the sport can realise its full potential and then they’ll be begging for more outside investment.

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