Top Formula 1 Partners

Top Formula 1 Partners

If you like Formula 1 you know that there are a lot of well-known names in this sport. These are all partners to the sport and they have a huge presence. Add the fact that they can reach millions of potential consumers all over the world and you can imagine why only the biggest names want to become sponsors and partners in F1. Let’s get to know the top Formula 1 partners here…


Aramco has been one of the biggest partners of F1 and one that you may have not heard of but you have used their products. First of all, they produce 1 of 8 barrels in the world. Yes, we are talking about oil. They also invest in sustainable and dependable energy and they want to make energy more available to all people and more useful. 

The company is well-known for investing in new technologies as well. Depending on their success rate, we can add that this company will become even more present in Formula 1 and we will see the name even more. They are one of the global leaders in their own industry. 


Yes, there is a sports betting platform as the sponsor of F1. This is one of the biggest names in the industry. Obviously, there are many sports sites where players register and place bets, but this one is an official sponsor. They have a Man Gambling Supervision Commission license and offer betting and gambling options in numerous languages. You can place bets on sports, esports, play casino games and so much more. You can even play mahjong so you can imagine the potential.

The brand here is legal, offers fair betting and gambling experience, and has been with us for years. It is one of the fastest-growing brands of this kind so you can expect to see it even more often in F1 and many other sports. 


DHL is one of the best-known and the biggest companies when it comes to shipping. You can use them all over the world and they are known for speed, which matches F1 perfectly. The company can ship almost anything to the opposite side of the world within days.

In F1 DHL is responsible for many things. First of all, they will ship and transport all the F1 cars, spare parts, and equipment to the next race. Where and how they will do it depends on where the race will be held. They usually use land, sea, and air transport in order to complete their mission. This also means that the company must transport over 2000 tons of weight before every race. They don’t have enough time either so you can deduce why they are so good at what they do.

When it comes to DHL we can also see some interesting awards. They are known for DHL Fastest Lap Award and the impressive DHL Fastest Pit Stop Awards. We can deduce that DHL makes F1 what it is today and it promotes the development and makes the sport more thrilling.


Emirates has been in this game for 30 years and it is one of the best-known and the biggest companies of this kind. With the popularity of betting in Europe, this is a great investment for this company. You can see that this sponsorship is just right. First of all, they can reach millions on a weekly basis. They promote travelling, and F1 does the same thing. If you want to watch all the races in person, you will have to travel and Emirates are the ideal company for that. Using this method Emirates can stay in contact with their consumers and attract new passengers.


What do all F1 cars have in common? They all need tires and special ones for that matter. If we take a deep look we can see that this brand is one of the oldest in the industry. They have been making tires for decades and they are a huge part of motorsport since 1907 so you can imagine what this means. 

Pirelli has been an official tire partner of F1 since 2011 and some of you will know that they have a new contract that will last until 2023. But we all know that the contract will be prolonged in 2023 so we believe that Pirelli is here to stay. They make some of the best tires for literally everything. You can see their products on bicycles, cars, trucks and so much more. Now you can see them on F1 cars as well. 


Yes, Heineken is a sponsor in Formula 1 and one of the biggest. This is a known brand when it comes to beer. You can get their products in 192 countries and new ones are added to the list as we speak. 

If you think clearly, you can see that this sponsor is just the right decision. Many people like to watch sport while having a beer or two with their friends, hence Heineken is suitable. Those who want to watch live races will benefit even more. This means that you will have to stand or sit on a hot summer day while drinking cold beer. It can be an ideal combination for most fans.

Top Formula 1 Partners – The Conclusion

F1 is well-known for some of the biggest companies in the world for being sponsors. This is the most expensive sport of them all hence it is normal and obvious that only the biggest brands can afford to cooperate with F1 and be sponsors here. For example, recently PokerStars started cooperation with F1 in Europe. Reach deal is worth millions per season which is massive. Teams who are more successful usually cooperate with more successful brands and their dals are even more expensive. 


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