The Best-Educated Formula 1 Drivers

2022 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Friday - Lewis Hamilton
2022 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Friday - Lewis Hamilton

Formula 1 has become even more popular since the launch of the series Drive to Survive by Netflix. DTS is one of the most successful sports TV series ever and has increased F1’s fanbase tremendously. 

When you see victorious drivers lifting their trophies, you think about their amazing driving abilities. You rarely think about their past, though, or their education. F1 has educated drivers, as they were students in their youth too. So, who are the best-educated formula 1 drivers? 

Lewis Hamilton

Sir Lewis Hamilton is one of the most popular F1 drivers. The seven-time world champion is the sport’s most successful driver in Formula 1’s history. Hamilton truly started from the bottom, as he was without a rich family to support his passion.

However, the Brit was so motivated and determined to succeed. He started with go-karting as a child and won various competitions in the UK, managing to advance to single-seaters and eventually, Formula 1. However, while going go-karting, he saw that a lot of his colleagues were only focusing on this and made it the only hope they had. So, Sir Lewis is now trying to change the system from the inside and he has started a program that encourages young drivers to pursue their academic goals, while working on their driving skills at the same time. 

For Hamilton himself, he attended the Cambridge College of Art and Sciences before making it to F1. Hamilton juggled his A-levels with his budding racing career, a challenge many teenagers in the UK face.

Had Sir Lewis not made it to Formula 3, he could’ve continued his education at a University, but A-levels was as far as he got.

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Daniel Ricciardo 

Daniel Ricciardo won’t be on the 2023 F1 grid, but will be waiting in the wings at Red Bull as a third driver for the team. He was exposed to the world of motorsport early on, with his father instilling a love for racing in him. 

However, he didn’t solely focus only on driving, but on academics too. He went to Newman College in Perth, Australia, but also took courses and lessons at Formula 1 driving schools. Having this balanced view of the world of Formula 1 helped him become an even better driver, as he honed most of his skills in an F1 driving school. 

Nico Rosberg 

Nico Rosberg might be one of the most educated formula 1 drivers in the history of the sport. He was a successful and prominent driver too, winning championships throughout his career including the 2016 F1 driver’s title. 

Becoming a world champion was his goal since he was young and just a beginner in go-karts.

Besides the Formula 1 driving school he attended and which helped him improve his skills on-track, he also studied aeronautical engineering at the Imperial College in London.

Final Thoughts

Many people love watching sports and when you see the competitors, you only think about the specific skills they need to succeed in that sport. In Formula 1 you need to be focused, determined, and motivated. 

But you also need to have a good understanding of the car, its aerodynamics, and how to better control it and take care of the tyres. However, some of the drivers have also gotten college education and started programs that encourage young drivers to balance studies and driving.

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