Audi Confirm Total Takeover Of Sauber


What was the Stake F1 team Kick Sauber (for which Zhou Guanyu and Valtteri Bottas drive) was not too long ago in the highest echelons of motor-racing, Alfa Romeo. This, in turn, was simply, Sauber if you think about the 2000s in the world of Motorsport. But then a year back came along a brand new piece of development that saw Audi entering the sceme of things.

It was- and remains- confirmed that Audi will soon completely take over the racing entity that we know as Sauber today. And now, it has been confirmed in no uncertain terms that the entire takeover of the historic Formula 1 brand has been rendered complete and that too, by none other than the firm buying things out there: Audi.

Speaking on the current scheme of developments and just what is expected in the months belonging to. the future, Audi’s General representative Oliver Hoffman happened to share some insights ahead of the completion of the takeover:

“I would like to thank the entire team at Technical Development for the great performance in recent years, and I am proud of the outstanding products resulting from our intensive work that we will bring to the streets in the coming months. Motorsport, particularly Formula 1, is my big passion. I am convinced that by bundling responsibilities and taking over 100 per cent of Sauber Group, we will further accelerate our preparations for the launch in 2026.”

Meanwhile, that being said, none other than Andreas Seidl has been confirmed as the future CEO of the Audi F1 group and he happened to share the following:

“I thank Gernot Döllner and Oliver Hoffmann for their trust and am looking forward to leading Audi into Formula 1 together with a highly motivated team as CEO of the Audi F1 Team. We have a clear roadmap for how we want to become competitive in Hinwil as well as in Neuburg. We have ambitious goals. Realization of them is in progress and will be further accelerated through the complete takeover of Sauber by AUDI AG.”

Having said that, what remains interesting is whether Formula 1’s newest team, which is expected to feature on the line-up not before 2026 can bring back German drivers onto the racing grid. The rumours of the four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel marking a comeback with the celebrated German brand are running rife.

However, what is also interesting is to note whether the brand new F1 entrant from Germany can bring back another drive with perhaps the most enticing and enigmatic surname in the world of the fastest form of single-seater racing: Mick Schumacher? Imagine Vettel and Schumacher lining up for a new F1 team someday?

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