Why Las Vegas Will Be Like No F1 Race Ever Held In The US

Las Vegas Grand Prix
Las Vegas Grand Prix

On a Saturday night in November 2023, the FIA Formula One World Championship will be held at the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA). It will be the third Formula 1 race in the US this season and it will take place under the stunning neon lights of Las Vegas.

Are you an F1 fan looking to keep up with the latest happenings? If so, we covered everything about the Formula 1 race in Las Vegas. Scroll down to find all the details about the upcoming race and why it is being held in the “entertainment capital of the world”.

Why the F1 has decided to hold a race in Las Vegas

F1 has been experiencing a rebirth in the US, mainly due to the enormous popularity of the Netflix documentary Drive to Survive. Instead of a race promoter, F1 will organize the event in Las Vegas alongside the city and its businesses. This is a bold step in the right direction for F1’s owners, Liberty Media, who have made no secret of their desire to expand the sport in America.

As mentioned earlier, the US will host three races in the 2023 season; the third time in F1’s history that a single nation has hosted that many. 1982 saw the United States Grand Prix West take place at Long Beach, with the Detroit and Caesars Palace GPs also participating.

Because of the need to complete the schedule, Italy is the only country that held 3 F1 races. The names of the F1 races were Monza, Imola, and Mugello. This time, substantial efforts are being made to develop in the US market. According to the CEO of F1, Stefano Domenicali, Formula 1 is an integral part of the USA, and its aim is to make the American market stand out in the sport.

Fan excitement set to be had in Las Vegas

Following the news that the Formula 1 World Championship would return to Las Vegas in November 2023, fan excitement and the media hype have been displayed.

Many die-hard fans are looking to try and immerse themselves in the gambling culture that Sin City is known for by heading to online casinos and utilizing the available sportsbooks to bet on Formula 1 markets and odds that are continually being made available.

With so many top-notch resorts and hotels already there, adding an F1 event expands the variety of entertainment options available in Sin City. The Las Vegas F1 race has the potential to become one of the most awe-inspiring races on the Formula 1 calendar; perhaps like an American version of Monaco, thanks to the thousands of hotels on the Las Vegas Strip with views of the track, as well as the world-class restaurants, entertainment, and hospitality that line the fantastic circuit.

Interesting facts about the upcoming Las Vegas Grand Prix

This race’s title will be known as the Las Vegas Grand Prix. The race will be the fourth on the calendar to be named after a city rather than the nation or region in which it is being held, following those in Miami, São Paulo, and Mexico City.

The track’s length from beginning to end is 3.8 miles (6.12 kilometers), and high speeds of more than 212 mph (342 km/h) are anticipated. There will be 50 race rounds with three main straights, 14 turns, one of which is a single chicane, and a high-speed cornering sequence. The 50 laps make the Las Vegas track the third-longest in Formula One, behind only Spa and Jeddah.

An interesting fact about the Las Vegas Grand Prix is that it will be held on a Saturday night in November 2023 for the first time in 38 years. The last race to be run on a Saturday was the 1985 South African Grand Prix. The primary race has always been held on a Sunday since that time.

The real reason behind scheduling the Las Vegas Grand Prix on a Saturday and making it a night race is that it will be broadcast not just in prime time for American viewers but also in the early hours of Sunday morning for viewers in Europe, making it more enticing for viewers to stay up late to watch. The race will begin at 10 p.m. local time in Las Vegas.

Final Thoughts

The hub of entertainment appears to be experiencing a “moment” currently.

Megaresorts are gearing up to offer every imaginable theme and type of accommodation possible to continue to attract visitors and further grow tourism numbers.

Additionally, other major league sports have been making long-term commitments to the city with teams deciding to relocate to the city including the Raiders NFL football team and the Golden Knights NHL hockey team.

The addition of an F1 race will be welcomed by all in Sin City, especially if it can help to bolster the state’s economy!


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