Top Formula 1 Cars in Casino Heists


If there is one sport that is synonymous with speed then it’s definitely Formula 1. It’s been around for so long that it organized more than a thousand races. One of the most memorable events in its recent history was Red Bull’s announcement for the 1007th race. They decided to sponsor Aston Martin who is now a brand new competitor and they had an amazing entrance. Since this is the 1007th race it’s only fitting that the Aston Martin goes in with a 007 theme. The vehicle looked amazing and it’s great to see how Aston Martin, which is James Bond’s car of choice will perform in the years to come.  

F1 cars are popular in other forms of entertainment like video games. You can’t see anyone driving a formula on the streets in the real world but, you can definitely see it in GTA Online. Formula 1 Cars were added back in the Casino Heist DLC and here we are going to see what kind of crazy things you can do with these fresh new vehicles.

The Diamond Casino Heist

GTA V has been around for a long time and it just shows how Rockstar knocked it out of the park with this game. It’s an exciting action-adventure title that is also like a theme park, as you can race around, explore the open world, and even play casino games. So, even those who enjoy playing for real money in the fastest payout online casino sites will have a good time playing this game. Sure, it doesn’t have the same bonuses and game selections as other online casinos, but you can use your winnings to buy in-game items and customize your gameplay.

Since its release, the game also added new content in the form of DLCs, and there have been a lot of DLCs since 2013. So, at the end of 2019, The Diamond Casino Heist was launched where players got some fresh new quests and a brand new approach to the heist. They also got some 12 new vehicles among which are formulas. Today there are 4 different formulas in the GTA Online games and they are:

  • Benefactor BR8
  • Progen PR4
  • Ocelot R88
  • Declasse DR1

Here we will go over each of these to see which one is worth buying if you wish to get the most value out of your in-game money.

Benefactor BR8

This is the newest and almost the most expensive Formula in the game. It costs 3.4 million dollars, so it’s not that huge of a price bump compared to other models that are available. However, this is the first modern formula in the game and it’s based on Red Bull RB7 from 2011. Of course, you can get all sorts of cosmetics in order to customize this car, and much like with other cars that are in the game you can upgrade.

You can find videos online where YouTubers compare it to other F1 vehicles in the game and this one always comes on top. Even when you compare them as the base and as fully upgraded versions BR8 will be a second or two ahead of anyone else. So, if you wish to get the fastest car by all standards in GTA Online then definitely save money for BR8.

Progen PR4

PR4 is the most expensive formula vehicle and it costs $3,515,000. This in-game model is based on the McLaren MP4/6 from 1991, so if you have been following the sport since the 90s’ you will definitely want to get your hands on this one. Even though it costs over 3.5 million you didn’t need to buy it. This was a podium car in a casino and you could win it as one of the prizes. In its base version, it is as fast as BR8 just a few milliseconds slower, but when it comes to the fully upgraded version this one is the slowest. That being said, it can almost jump the highest compared to other models. 

Ocelot R88

R88 is based on Lotus 97T and it’s the slowest out of all formulas in the game. It costs $3,115,000, and it scored highest on the jump test. Just a reminder, all of these are really fast and viable options to use in a race since you will be competing throughout multiple laps and use speed boosts, so if you are good at it a second or two of a difference won’t be a problem.

Declasse DR1

Declasse DR1 is currently the cheapest F1 car in GTA online and it costs $2,997,000. It is based on Dallara IndyCar 2019 and it looks absolutely gorgeous. In its base form it is the slowest car, but once fully upgraded it is standing on almost equal footing with BR8.

GTA 5 still has a strong community and it’s worth picking up if you haven’t played so far. It received incredible reviews and it’s one of the best games in existence. If you are a fan of F1 then you will definitely enjoy collecting all 4 cars and fully upgrading them so that you can race with other players.


These were all 4 F1 cars that are currently available, but new DLCs for GTA online are on the horizon and the game will receive a next-gen console upgrade. Since F1 vehicles are so popular we will definitely get some new ones with future expansions. Hopefully, they will have some neat upgrades and an even better appearance given the next-gen update. That won’t be soon though since the latest DLC has been released a month ago, so it’s hard to tell when to expect the next one.   


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