The 7 Best F1 Games Of All Time

The 7 Best F1 Games Of All Time
The 7 Best F1 Games Of All Time

Sitting behind the wheel of a fast-moving car is extremely exciting – but risky. One of the best ways to recreate similar adrenaline-rushing moments is through the best F1 games. Formula1- like games come in various versions and are compatible with most consoles, mobile phones, and PCs. Nonetheless, narrowing down the top picks might be quite challenging with hundreds of options available.

Betting on sporting events is a lot of fun. Now, betting on a fast-moving automobile could be one of the most thrilling moments to experience. A team of top specialists from LeafletCasino, which specializes in reviews of eCheck online casinos and beyond, has put together a list of the seven best F1 games of all time. This list also cuts across sports lovers’ favourite racing-themed slots to help you get started betting on sports automobiles.

With GT7 featuring F1 circuits but not F1 cars this classic game can’t be included, so, let’s see who makes the list…

F1 2020

Not ranking by their year of release, Codemasters’ F1 2020 ranks number 1 on our list of up-to-date tech racing games. The Formula 1 game comes with a fun-filled feature known as “My Team,” where each player gets to create a 12-man team to join the F1 game. Players can select their engine manufacturers in real-time before starting the slot game. Obviously, better engines cost more.

Like other F1-themed slots, the 2020 game featured F2 cars, which many people found better than Formula 1 cars. It could get frustrating working up from the bottom, but it becomes impossible to fail when you gain your ground. The slot game comes in a high-definition design, contributing greatly to the players’ racing experience. F1 2020 is one of the best Formula games of all time.

Formula X

If you love slots, you should be familiar with the random theme changes common to racing slot games. Formula X brings a different vibe with its stellar design for the fans who adore motor-themed games. This slot is centered around F1 racing with well-thought and super cool graphics to complement the audio-visual effects. Every fan would love this masterpiece.

A lot of detailing went into creating bonus and symbol options to make Formula X slots more visualizing. You can easily find this slot at best payout online casino Canada and try it. This is a great opportunity to play in reliable online casinos and have a chance for the high payout that most gamblers want to get.

F1 World Grand Prix

F1 World Grand-Prix has been featured in most car racing slot reviews as one of the greatest motor-themed simulators. It’s the last of the Grand Prix Manager series that gained popularity in the formula one slot gaming market. Players need to exhibit proper game management skills to get ahead with this one. To win, you’d have to learn to spread your budgets across all departments.

Being one of the best racing sports, it’s just as fun as it is frustrating to manage your F1 team. Sometimes, you might have to decide between funding a car damage repair bill and signing F1 stars like Lewis Hamilton. What happens when you have a few bonus rounds and need to sign new technical directors? Players need accurate foresight for sports management games.

Drive: Multiplier Mayhem

Drive is a product of an iRacing Software Development company that has gained popularity among online race lovers over the years. It is nothing like the common F1 manager 2022 games, but it tops the list of many driving game lovers. Like most slot games, Drive: Multiplier Mayhem offers free spins, which attract 15-70 points on every one of them.

F1 fans regularly visit top iRacing online casinos with multiple payment options for the best odds on F1 team related slots. New generation online casinos allow players to make deposit payments directly with their MasterCard. Fast payment options can help you access ultra-fast bonus features for an ultimate driving experience on Drive: Multiplier Mayhem.

F1 Race Stars

Another product of Codemasters’ evergreen iRacing games. The game contains a wide range of player selections, including Charles Leclerc and two additional fictional teams for players to choose from. This is the car racing slot with the highest female driver options. Cars in this game are expected to make the final race across an uncompleted airfield.

The younger generation would love the cool features added to the all-time slot game. Payers have weaponry that includes power-ups and military-grade weapons for an unusual gaming experience. Some F1 fans might claim that the weapons aren’t necessary for an F1 game, but they are fun to play around with, especially when the players have to get rid of obstacles.

F1 Career Challenge

The F1 Career Challenge is a great choice for players that love formula one slots. This is one of EA Sports’ exceptional creations, with each season featuring a different prolonged bonus round. Every F1 team and driver had increased technical facilities and teams on standby to manage their automobiles.

Payers can easily implement racing strategies when placing bets online. There are multiple F1 betting guides on casino websites to help you with ways to place racing bets. If you’re lucky, some may teach you to discuss the Career Mode format popular among Career Challenge payers. EA Sports’ created an intriguing F1 game with this season of its race series.

F1 (Sega Mega Drive)

This one is an old driving game with very smooth rendering on video game consoles. Sega Mega Drive brings more than the older pixelated versions of Formula 1 games. This speed-thrilling special allows players to drive through popular cities on their preferred vehicles. Some of the most tasking lapses are in the tunnels in Monaco and the dangerous city of Las Vegas.

The Red Bull billboards at major intervals sometimes signify the last two laps of every track. On the Las Vegas track, the Red Bull signage displays the autographs of some of the great racers of all time. This is one of the few selections that created the standard for F1 console games.


These are our choices for the seven best F1 game sof all time. These are the best choice for slot lovers, especially speed enthusiasts. The slots on this list feature a wide range of power-boosting options and drive stunts. You’d get a wide selection of automobile choices, from your favorite sports cars to vehicles with high-performance engine power.

Not all of them have Formula 1 competition options programmed, but they have other exciting tournament selections. You’d get the same excitement and adrenaline rush from playing highly competitive highway racing. Get your Xbox, PlayStation, Mobile phones, PC, and casino platforms ready to plug into some exciting gaming moments.


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