Stories Of The 2025 Season The Revealed Calendar Brings Us

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Following a meeting of the World Motorsport Council, the Formula 1 calendar for next year has been revealed — featuring once again 24 races across the globe. What changes and potential stories can we be excited for in 2025?

Australia Back At It

Since 2020, when the Australian Grand Prix was canceled due to a coronavirus pandemic, it was Bahrain who had the honor to host the opening race of the season. To the delight of many fans, that will change in 2025 and the Albert Park Circuit will be the first to revive after the winter break.

The story probably every pair of eyes will be intently watching on that occasion is Lewis Hamilton’s debut with Ferrari. We’re still far from that, so there’s no way of predicting or even guessing how it could possibly go, but one thing’s for sure — it’ll be a beginning of a brand-new chapter of the Brit’s career, of the legendary red team, and maybe even the whole sport.


One of the reasons why the Bahrain Grand Prix was pushed further down to April, along with the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, is probably Ramadan that takes place from 28th of February to 29th of March 2025. This year, we had the two opening races on Saturday instead of the usual Sunday, and that’s seemingly something the FIA doesn’t want to repeat.

But the Muslim holy month most definitely isn’t the only reason for the change — in the past, a lot of fans loudly shared their opinions about the Bahrain International Circuit not being as exciting opener of the season as they’d like it to be.

Last Year In Barcelona

When it was revealed back in January that from 2026, a new circuit in Madrid is to join the F1 calendar, it caused quite a stir. Many fans criticized the decision and defended the current Spanish Grand Prix held in Barcelona. But there’s not much to do about it, and so in 2025, we’ll probably have to enjoy the last race on the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya for at least a few years.

That is, if the FIA won’t decide to take an example from Italy and host two events in Spain, though I personally don’t think it’s likely. Even without that addition, we already have a record-breaking 24 races, and the drivers and teams have their limit of how many races they can possibly take part in per a year. There are already voices complaining about the schedule being too long and packed, but perhaps that’s a story for another time.

The 75th Anniversary

As Stefano Domenicali, the President and CEO of Formula, 1 said: “2025 will be a special year as we celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the FIA Formula One World Championship, and it’s that legacy and experience that allows us to deliver such a strong calendar. Once again, we’ll visit 24 incredible venues around the world, delivering top class racing, hospitality, and entertainment, which will be enjoyed by millions of fans worldwide.”

I’m sure there’ll be many reminders, celebrations, and tributes to that amazing anniversary of our beloved sport.


As for Sprint races and the format of them itself, we still don’t know how it’s going to look like in 2025. Said to be revealed later, it’s possible the FIA is waiting to see how the new format of F1 Sprints will work in 2024 and if it’ll need some more changes. After all, we didn’t have any yet, with the first Sprint of this season taking place at the next Grand Prix in China.

But if we’re to at least predict the locations, based on the previous years, it’s a pretty obvious choice to have a Sprint in Austria, Brazil, Qatar, and one of the American circuits.

Sustainability And Stability

Sustainability has been a huge topic going around not only the world of Formula 1, but motorsport in general. Whether the FIA, circuits, teams, engine suppliers, sponsors or anyone else try to make the sport more “green”.

President of the FIA, Mohamed Ben Sulayem, said: “The 2025 FIA Formula One World Championship calendar, approved by the World Motor Sport Council, is a further illustration of our collective mission of meeting sustainability objectives through the regionalization of events. While our focus is on the overall stability of Formula 1, we also have a shared duty to the environment and to the health and well-being of traveling staff.”

Women In Motorsport

Formula 1 has been a male dominated sport for as long as it existed, but in recent years, we can see an abrupt increase of female fans, employees, and drivers. It brings a new audience and opportunities within the sport, and it’s important to make it available and reachable equally for everyone.

Progress is made — for instance with the start of F1 Academy, which is meant for female drivers aspiring to get into the highest levels of the sport eventually. With the first season behind them and the start of 2024, there have been great advances in many ways. For this year, every F1 team is sponsoring one of the girls on the grid, with other major sponsors like Charlotte Tilbury being introduced.

The reigning world champion, Max Verstappen, recently remarked good points: “There are girls, but much fewer than boys. For example, our team now only has boys riding. But if there is a fast girl among us, then of course we want her too. That’s just how it is in the real world, isn’t it? Team bosses don’t look at whether someone is a boy or a girl. It’s about how fast they are.”

“It is good that Formula 1 now pays extra attention to women in motorsport with the F1 Academy, although I have doubts about how they approach it. The cars they drive are way too slow. If you ever want to get them into Formula 1, it really has to go to a higher level.”

“It’s nice and nice that girls are now sponsored by Formula 1 teams, but what do we actually help them with? There is no next step for them now. For example, the gap to a Formula 4 car is already too big.”

There’s still much to do in this regard, but the sport is finally heading in the right direction.

The Drivers

The last interesting thing we’ll talk about today is the fact that we may already know all the races we’ll see in 2025, but we still very much have no idea who’ll be actually driving in them. The number of confirmed drivers is small compared to those out of contract, whose seat is currently in danger — at least in the eyes of the outside people.

Many rumors are circulating around the paddock and on the internet, Carlos Sainz of course being one of the most speculated names. With Fernando Alonso announcing a few days prior his new multi-year contract extension with Aston Martin, the options in the top five teams start to slowly disappear.

The only thing I can promise now is that when the 2025 season starts, it’ll be in a lineup we might not recognize at all.


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