How To Bet On Formula 1 Racing In Hong Kong

How To Bet On Formula 1 Racing In Hong Kong
How To Bet On Formula 1 Racing In Hong Kong

This guide will provide everything Hong Kongers need to know about Formula 1 betting. 

Furthermore, We have reviewed the most popular betting markets on F1 sports racing that can help you win big on online betting sites. 

Moreover, we will also provide the best strategies experts of gambling sites in Hong Kong use to win the house and make real money on the betting platforms. So kindly read along as we provide all this information:

Popular F1 Betting Markets

Each session of an F1 race weekend involves 20 cars. Therefore, there are a variety of options bettors can play. 

Sportsbooks provide a massive list of the best racing collections. Check below for some of the most famous F1 gambling selections in the Hong Kong sportsbook and their function:


Outright bets involve choosing a Formula 1 driver you presume will win the F1 racing championship or which team will win the overall competition. 

In F1 racing, Drivers and teams win points based on their position at the end of the race. Moreover, at the end of the competition, the winner is the driver or team with the most points.

Generally, most Hong Kong bettors play outright bets at the beginning of the season. 

Moreover, if you are unsure, you can wait for a little while and discover the form of the team or racer before placing an outright bet on them. 

For instance, you can always pick Max Verstappen to win the championship if you notice the form of Lewis Hamilton is not the best that season.

Individual Races

This gambling selection is the most popular method of playing Hong Kong Formula 1 betting. Here you will pick the driver you think will win an individual race. 

Although the odds may not be as high as outright, they are easy to predict. You can also pick an underdog to win the race if you want to get the best odds.

If you gamble on an underdog, there is a chance there might be a collision, and the big-name drivers might lose their winning positions. Therefore, do not hesitate to play this selection on the underdog if you want to win big on F1 racing. 

Driver Matchups

Another exciting bet you can play on F1 racing is the driver matchups. Here you will choose two drivers then bet on the winner between the two selected drivers. 

This bet is an excellent option because it does not depend on the overall results. The driver you choose has to lead the other, and you will win your bet.

For instance, if you pick Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen and bet on Max to finish higher, you win the bet as long as he finishes higher Lewis, and every other result does not affect your chance.

However, if they finish both DNF, the sportsbook may return your stake.

Safety Car

The racing organisers send out safety cars if there is a crash, or a stranded car is in a dangerous position on the circuit.

Therefore if you are familiar with the safety car protocols, you can easily predict if the organisers will send a safety car out and win on the sportsbook.

Podium or Top Six Finish

Another alternative to the individual racing bet or outright bet is the podium bet. It offers the opportunity to place a bet on the driver to get to the winners’ podium. 

Therefore you have to predict if a driver will be in the top three positions. Some sportsbooks even offer players the option to pick a range of first to the sixth position of the driver. If the driver is in the top six, you will win the bet.

Pole Position

Another way to win on F1 racing betting platforms is to predict the driver you think will win the qualifying battle for pole position. So here you are, betting on the placement of drivers before the race begins.

Winning Margin

Many betting sites that offer F1 racing bets allow their players to bet on the distance between the first and the second driver. 

Many others provide options of the time difference, for example, 3-5 seconds difference selections. Additionally, they may offer an over/under option to limit the winning time margin. For example, you might pick over 10 seconds.

Formula 1 Gambling Tips and Strategy

Like other sports betting available on sports betting sites, Formula 1 betting requires a few techniques before you can win on them. 

Follow along as we provide the primary and most common strategies of winning F1 racing bets in Hong Kong. 

Study the Sport

Before you begin any sports betting, you must do your homework on the basics of sports. However, F1 racing bettors need to understand how racing works before gambling on the available markets. 

They need to know the cars and their strengths and weaknesses. Furthermore, they need to learn about the drivers, their skills, and their stats. 

This information will help them predict the bet selection accurately, and they won’t be gambling purely on luck.

Additionally, bettors also need to get familiar with race scenes like collisions, influencing selection like safety cars. 

They should also learn about the team and weather situations to predict how the competition will run. 

For instance, some drivers show better adaptation than others during the rainy season. Others have cars that can withstand slippery roads, while many can’t drive well on slippery grounds. 

Verstappen is an excellent example of racers that thrive no matter the venue’s weather.

Consider the Safety Car

Another important thing you need to look out for on F1 racing betting platforms is the safety car. 

Therefore you should get familiar with the way and time the safety cars are coming out in the race. 

Familiarize yourself with the drivers that do not frequently use the safety cars. For instance, Lewis Hamilton races are mostly smooth and free from accidents. 

Therefore, he hardly uses the safety cars as the vehicles are only for dangers, accidents, and other issues.

However, some tracks have sharper and right bends than others; such routes are likely to have the safety cars coming out more. 

Examples of such tracks are Monaco and Singapore racing tracks; therefore, all drivers must follow the protocol of filling behind the safety cars and moving slowly. 

Bet selections like winning margins become challenging to predict as there is not much gap between these drivers.

Pay Attention to Live Betting 

Live betting is a fantastic way to play sports games. This selection is because you can tell from the start of the race the driver who wants to win the race. 

Carefully observe the drivers, and then you can place a bet on the likely winner, as some good drivers may encounter problems during the race. 

However, we advise you should wait for the race to start before placing your bets. Although the odds may not be high, they are a sure way of winning on the gambling sites. 


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