A Glossary Of Essential F1 Terms For New Racing Enthusiasts

A Glossary Of Essential F1 Terms For New Racing Enthusiasts
A Glossary Of Essential F1 Terms For New Racing Enthusiasts

With a multitude of challenging terms and concepts, Formula 1 can be quite perplexing for new fans to grasp. What exactly is DRS? What about sandbagging or slipstreaming? We are here to explain F1 terms and slang. So the next time you hear them in the TV commentary, you’ll be fully informed.


What is the term for F1 fans?


The apex is the innermost point of the driving line in a corner. By hitting the apex, drivers can take the straightest line and maintain a high speed through the corner.


The term is used to describe a driver who is at the back of the race, being lapped by cars at the front, typically Haas cars. When the blue flag is displayed, the backmarker must allow the faster car to pass, although the Haas drivers don’t always comply with this rule.


Drivers often communicate this over their team radios when a tire overheats. This leads to the rubber softening and breaking away. Typically, it happens when the team chooses the wrong tire for the race or sets the tire pressure too high.

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The base frame or main supporting structure of a Formula 1 car is where elements like the engine and suspension systems are attached. It’s also referred to as a monocoque chassis due to its integration with the robust carbon fiber body (or shell) of the car, providing improved driver safety during accidents.

107% Rule

The 107% Rule is applied to determine the maximum qualifying lap time for a car to start a race. All cars must post a qualifying time within 107% of the pole-sitter’s best lap in Q1 unless the stewards decide otherwise. Failure to meet this requirement will result in the car being precluded from starting the GP race.


Anteater — A derogatory term applied to the rather unattractive noses on 2014-specification Formula One cars, resulting from changes to the sport’s technical regulations further reducing nose height and a radical switch to a complex, 1.6 liter V6 hybrid engine formula. See Platypus Nose.

Clean air

Clean air enables cars to follow closely behind the leading car, enhancing competition in racing. Before 2022, the air produced by the car created turbulent air, making it challenging for trailing cars to follow closely. The turbulent air reduced the following car’s downforce, making it difficult to match the speed of the leading car. This hindered overtaking and diminished the excitement for spectators.


Downforce is the aerodynamic force that keeps cars glued to the ground, enhancing cornering forces. In modern F1 car design, front and rear wings, along with diffusers and other aerodynamic elements, play a crucial role in generating downforce.


Formula 1 introduced the Drag Reduction System (DRS) in 2011. Drivers activate it to increase car speed and facilitate overtaking. This system operates by opening an adjustable flap on the rear wing, with activation allowed when the pursuing car is within one second of the front car at specific detection points.


The Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) serves as the governing body for numerous international racing series, including Formula 1. Founded in France over a century ago, the FIA currently has member organizations in 145 countries and actively promotes road safety worldwide. Jean Todt, the current president of the FIA, previously held the role of Team Principal at Ferrari during Michael Schumacher’s highly successful seasons in the early 2000s.

Hard Tyres

These tires are white, perfectly balanced, with an ideal compromise between performance and durability. They are commonly used on high-speed circuits.


Many of the 2022 F1 cars faced challenges with porpoising caused by these designs. Porpoising refers to a bouncing action resulting from flaws in the car’s Ground Effect Aerodynamics. The ground effect comes into play when the car reaches a sufficient speed, activating the floor’s aerodynamic design and creating a vacuum. However, as the car’s speed increases further or encounters bumps on the road, the ground effect system experiences an “aerodynamic stall,” similar to how the angle of attack on an aircraft wing prevents lift generation.

Parc Ferme

A fenced-off area, where cars are driven into post qualifying and the race, where team members are not allowed to touch them (Max Verstappen was recently fined €50,000 for this!).



These are not all the terms and slang you need to know in order to understand F1 at the professional level. However, it is important not only to list them, but also to learn them. These terms are enough to start your journey in the knowledge of F1.


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