Formula 1 YouTube: The Best F1 YouTube Channels Of 2023

Formula 1 YouTube: The Best F1 YouTube Channels Of 2023
Formula 1 YouTube: The Best F1 YouTube Channels Of 2023

Formula 1 is a thrilling and fast-paced sport that has been entertaining fans around the world for decades. In more recent years, YouTube has emerged as the go-to source for the latest F1 news, interviews, highlights, and analysis.

With so many Formula 1 YouTube channels out there, it can be hard to know which ones are the best. To help you out, we’ve done the research and compiled a list of the top Formula 1 YouTube channels for 2023.

Get ready for some of the best F1 content on YouTube, as these channels will keep you up-to-date with the latest news, provide insightful analysis and commentary, and offer plenty of entertainment.

So if you’re a fan of Formula 1, or just want to stay up to date with the latest action, these YouTube channels are the ones to watch!

Top 10 Formula 1 YouTube Channels for 2023

There are plenty of Formula 1 YouTube channels out there, but these are the top 10 for 2023. Let’s take a look at each one in more detail…

The Race

The Race is easily one of the best F1 YouTube channels out there, and they also cover MotoGP and Formula E, with a sprinkling of live racing from other categories. Their analysis and opinion videos are top-notch, and you will always learn something from their content, whether you’re new to the sport or have been a fan for years.

Subscribe to The Race on YouTube

F1 Reverse

F1 Reverse really should have more subscribers than they do, as the production of their videos is world-class, and the content is always spot on. This channel is a great source of news and analysis, and is a great way to learn more about the sport.

Subscribe to F1 Reverse on YouTube


WTF1 has over a million subscribers, and for good reason! If you’re wondering how something works in F1, why something does or doesn’t happen, or you just want some F1 entertainment, this is a top, top channel to subscribe to.

Subscribe to WTF1 on YouTube

Missed Apex F1

Missed Apex F1 have some great guests on, and their regular ‘Inside F1 with Joe Saward’ videos are not to be missed. This is a go-to channel if you want to learn about the technical side of F1 in easy-to-digest videos.

Subscribe to Missed Apex F1 on YouTube

Aidan Millward

Aidan Millward covers more than just F1. He also covers sim racing, as well as pretty much anything with four wheels. We have included him in our list of Best F1 YouTube Channels because of how interesting he makes everything. We often start by watching one of his F1 vids, before bingeing on videos about obscure moments of motorsport history we had no idea about.

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Aldas is easily one of the best F1 YouTubers going around, offering excellent insights on analysis on the world of F1. He has an excellent knowledge of the sport, and conveys his message in a highly engaging way, which explains why so many of his videos go viral, with more than one million views.

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Josh Revell

Josh Revell has raised the bar on what F1 YouTube should be about, making incredibly entertaining and informative videos. His ‘WTF Happened To…’ series is a fantastic way to either jog your memory about names you’ve forgotten, or learn about the history of F1 if you’re new to the sport.

Subscribe to Josh Revell on YouTube

The F1 Word

If you’re into ‘features’ and opinions, then The F1 Word is the channel for you. This channel is excellent for bite-sized content, with a lot of their videos running around 10-15 minutes. This means you can get your F1 fix, and get back to work before your boss notices 😳

Subscribe to The F1 Word on YouTube

Formula World

Formula World is the perfect channel for any casual fan of the sport. It offers plenty of news, coverage, and other content from every session over a race weekend, making it a great channel to follow.

Subscribe to Formula World on YouTube

Grid Talk

Did you really think we would make a ‘Best F1 YouTube’ list and not include ourselves on it? You should know us better by now 😂 For the 2023 FORMULA 1 season we’ll have our regular lineup of podcasts, pitstops, explainers, and shorts, and this year we’re excited to add a new series dedicated to Formula 2 news, Formula 3 news, and insights from feeder categories that you may not regularly watch. So if you want to learn more about f1, F2, and F3, we’ve got you covered.

Subscribe to Grid Talk on YouTube

Formula 1 YouTube – Conclusion

There are a lot of Formula 1 YouTube channels out there, but only a select few are worth watching. These are the best Formula 1 YouTube channels for 2023 as decreed by us, and they’re the best places to go to get the latest news, coverage, analysis, and more. If you’re a fan of Formula 1, or just want to stay up to date with the latest action, these channels are the ones to watch!

Did we leave out your favourite F1 YouTube channel? Drop a link to it in the comments below.


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