Formula 1 Betting Strategies

2022 F1 Season: Way Too Early To Make Predictions - 2021 Mexican Grand Prix, Sunday - Lewis Hamilton & Max Verstappen
2022 F1 Season: Way Too Early To Make Predictions - 2021 Mexican Grand Prix, Sunday - Lewis Hamilton & Max Verstappen

Bet on multiple drivers in the same race

When most people think about betting sites without Gamstop on Formula 1 races, they are more likely to bet on who will win the race or who will win the season championship. If you ask most people who they bet on, they will give you one name. If you’ve ever asked someone who they bet on and they’ve given you more than a few names, you’ve probably been talking to someone who understands sports betting pretty well.

You see, thanks to the generous payout odds for people in Formula 1, you have the luxury of betting on multiple drivers and still making a profit as long as one of your chosen drivers wins. Let’s see what we’re talking about here. Let’s say you want to bet on Formula 1 futures and you think Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen have a chance of winning. Who should you bet on?

You should bet on both of them! Here are the actual odds of these two winning the driver’s championship in the upcoming season.

Lewis Hamilton +400

Max Verstappen +300.

What happens if you bet $100 on each of these drivers and one of them wins? If you bet $100 on both, you spend $200. If Hamilton wins, you get $400 back. $400 – $200 = $200 profit. If Max wins, you get $300 back. $300 – $200 = $100 profit. As long as one of your drivers wins, you are left with a profit.

Gather information about the history of the tracks

All Formula 1 tracks are not created equal. In fact, compared to some other popular racing organisations, their tracks probably have the biggest differences. This means you need to understand how each driver has historically performed at each individual circuit or track type to get the best plan for how they will perform.

For example, if a rider does well on tracks with lots of tight corners and a high need for manoeuvring, does that mean they will perform well on a track with lots of high-speed straights? The answer is that they may or may not. The important conclusion to draw is that every track is different, and certain skill sets will work better on different tracks.

Take into account the dynamics of the team

Racing has always been an individual sport, but that doesn’t mean that people don’t work together. In Formula One racing, each driver competes in a team with another driver. While each driver is technically on their own, they usually work together with their teammate to try and help each other. This can mean drawing up or passing on track information, race settings, faster lines and anything else they can do to help.

What does this have to do with betting? The answer is that a rider with a strong teammate will always have an advantage over a rider who is stuck with a faulty teammate. If a rider has a great teammate who runs strongly, they will have someone to draft with and someone to help them get whatever advantage they need to get to the finish line ahead. Of course, both riders will start riding for themselves at the end of the race, but the opportunity to get there in a great position in many cases can be attributed to the help of a solid teammate.

Betting on qualifying times

The fastest car in qualifying will be the fastest car on race day, right? Wrong. It’s entirely possible that race conditions will change between qualifying and the actual race. Changes in temperature, precipitation, cloud cover, humidity and more will have a strong impact on the cars. If the team cannot adjust properly, the fastest car from qualifying will struggle in the race.

The reason you need to be aware of this when betting is so that you don’t put all your eggs in the qualifying basket. Players tend to bet on the fastest qualifier and leave it at that. The problems with this is that, as we’ve mentioned, conditions can change and qualifying laps without traffic or anyone else in their path. This means we don’t know how well the cars will fare in the dirty air. They might excel, but don’t assume that because the car qualified fast it will show the same result on race day.

In a sport that is sometimes decided by seconds, it is important that you look for any information or conclusions that might give you an advantage. The tips and strategies we have provided you with above should serve as a strong starting point, but should not be definitive for your Formula One betting choices. Take them to heart and work on combining them with your own research. With painstaking analysis, work on mistakes and a keen mind, you should be able to develop a winning betting strategy.


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