Fernando Alonso To Take Call About F1 Future

Fernando Alonso
Fernando Alonso

In a quarter of a year from now, Fernando Alonso will turn 43. He is not just any name in the twisty and dazzling world of F1; he is a titan.

Fernando Alonso is a racing luminary against whose name are stacked some moving statistics that inspire both awe and envy.

This is a driver who besides having 2 world titles to his name, happens to have collected no fewer than 106 career podiums, but 22 pole positions and 32 race wins.

It is one thing to compete in the sport as crazy and taxing as Formula 1 but something quite other to dominate it for as long as Fernando Alonso has.

And the Spaniard is currently competing in his 22nd season at the pinnacle of motor-racing. But at a time where many of his former rivals have either switched positions and moved to punditry holding the mic, F1’s old sport is racing the wheels of his Aston Martin and showing many young guns how it’s done in Formula 1.

It does appear as though Alonso has had some magic potion; last year, he began the season with a hat-trick of podiums right at the start. He would eventually beat both Ferrari drivers and his old rival: Lewis Hamilton.

It’s natural that he is still hot currency in the tectonic world of Formula 1 racing. But there’s also a bit a of a tricky situation out there for one of the most dominant names out there in the sport. With Hamilton due to move to Ferrari from the onset of 2025 and a vacant seat at Mercedes, eyes have begun rolling as to who might inherit the priceless and very coveted seat?

But then besides multiple contenders such as Carlos Sainz, still much younger than Alonso, the Spanish legend’s name is making the rounds- and understandably so.

It turns out that Fernando Alonso is to make a call about his next F1 destination in the imminent future. When recently asked about the same, he happened to share the following in regard to a possible future at the Mercedes team:

“Yeah, because obviously I don’t have any contract at the moment. So it’s better to be on those lists than on the other series list, or being on the retirement list! But I will make the decision to commit for the future in the next few weeks, or few races. First of all, I need to speak with myself, I need to make a decision. If I personally want to commit for the future.”

But here is something rather interesting; Alonso didn’t shy away from exclaiming the fact that he might not race at all or, at least, hinted at very that:

“Obviously, I need to sacrifice everything else in life to be 100% ready for F1. That will be the decision. First of all, I need to see if I want to keep racing. As I’ve said I will be egoist if I’m just thinking of renewing a contract and just being an F1 driver, and travel around the world, feel cool.”

Fernando Alonso
Portrait, Silverstone Circuit, F12403a, F1, GP, Great Britain Mike Krack, Team Principal, Aston Martin F1 Team, and Fernando Alonso, Aston Martin F1 Team

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