2023 Formula 1 Season: Unforgettable Moments That Revved Up the Racing World

2023 Formula 1 Season: Unforgettable Moments That Revved Up the Racing World
2023 Formula 1 Season: Unforgettable Moments That Revved Up the Racing World

Currently, Formula 1 is on the brink of completing its 2023 season, with the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix being the lone race remaining. The present juncture presents a suitable time for contemplation and analysis of a season dominated by Max Verstappen. 

With the completion of 22 Grand Prix events, Red Bull Racing has emerged as the winner in both championships, amassing a total of 822 points for the team, while their No.1, Verstappen, has accumulated 549 of said points. 

Presented below are the most notable moments from the 2023 season, which will naturally heavily feature the Dutch racing legend. 


Super Max Verstappen 

Max Verstappen has been consistently achieving remarkable feats and surpassing established figures within Formula 1, presenting a formidable challenge to the most prominent figures in the sport’s history. 

In the current year, at the Canadian Grand Prix held in Montreal, he achieved a tally of 41 victories, equalling the esteemed record set by the legendary figure Ayrton Senna. Verstappen’s win in Austria resulted in the surpassing of this record. As of the Las Vegas GP, the Dutch driver has achieved 53 wins, including recent triumphs at the Brazilian, Mexican, and US Grand Prix.

Achieving a total of 53 wins throughout his tenure is insane, but also 31 instances of securing the pole position and 29 occurrences of recording the fastest lap makes him one of the greatest ever. Furthermore, apart from his distinction as the youngest Grand Prix victor, he has achieved several Formula One records, including the most triumphs in a single season and the longest unbroken sequence of victories.


Not Forgetting Red Bull 

Both Max Verstappen and Red Bull Racing appear to possess an unbeatable quality.

Checo Perez emerged as the triumphant individual atop the podium when the Dutch competitor failed to win. Furthermore, it is noteworthy that in Belgium, they achieved the most impressive commencement of the season in the history of Formula One, exceeding the record of 11 triumphs set by McLaren in 1988 when Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost were at the helm.

In the Constructors’ Championship, Red Bull currently holds a 430-point advantage over Mercedes, who now occupy the second position in the standings. 

If it hadn’t been for Carlos Sainz’s mastery at the Singapore GP, Red Bull could have achieved success in every race during the entirety of the season.

Verstappen and Red Bull’s dominance disgruntled some fans, but it’s been a breeze for those backing the Dutchman at sports betting sites. Bagging 19 wins of 22 races thus far, an 86.4% win percentage has been a dream for those consecutively wagering on his abilities.  


Race of the Year: Las Vegas GP 

Vegas is an ingeniously devised street circuit, albeit with a more recognizable backdrop. Even though much of that was only visible on television through the aerial cameras, Max Verstappen ultimately conceded that it was a spectacle. Indeed, it was the season’s finest Formula One race, not least because Verstappen had to compete against an opponent to win.

It is said that the house always triumphs in gambling. In any case, the Vegas GP was won despite significant odds. The operational aspects persisted while the logistical obstacles were surmounted. Impressed were the residents, who had endured six months of road construction and delays. The night-time schedule was chosen to accommodate the renowned nocturnal timetable of Las Vegas. This presented a significant challenge for the diligent mechanics and support staff across all F1 teams. By race’s conclusion, every individual appeared devastated.

However, what an event it was!


Finally, Hamilton Sees a Pole 

Lewis Hamilton achieved his seventh pole position on the Hungarian circuit, a position we’d waited nineteen long months for. 

The British driver had previously established the Formula 1 record for the highest number of pole positions achieved on a single track, having secured 8 pole positions in Melbourne. However, this record was jointly held by Ayrton Senna (who earned 8 poles in Imola) and Michael Schumacher (who also achieved eight poles in Suzuka). During the Hungarian Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton achieved notable milestones, including setting new records for the highest number of front-row starts on a single circuit and pole positions. 

The pole position achieved in Hungary marked the 104th accomplishment during his career, with the initial occurrence dating back to Canada in 2007. Following him, Michael Schumacher holds the record for the highest number of pole positions, totaling 68. At the same time, Ayrton Senna and Sebastian Vettel both share the second position, having achieved 65 pole positions each.

Hamilton, who has achieved the title of 7-time World Champion, also holds the existing record for the highest number of front row starts on a certain track – 11 in Abu Dhabi, thus making his final appearance of the 2023 season an interesting one. 

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