Why Alfa Romeo Won’t Be Leaving F1 Anytime Soon

Alfa Romeo
Alfa Romeo

Big teams are the ones most talked about. Midfielders excite, but do not always hog the main limelight that remains indebted to the charismatic frontrunners. Yet, imagine a grid in the absence of those mid-forces who shake up the order and make the sport what it truly is – thrilling beyond measure?

When it comes to thrilling, then in recent times, one can safely say it was the performance of a competitive midfielder like Alfa Romeo at the famous Monaco Principality that inspired discussion. Just imagine for a second what might have the condition of a team like Alfa Romeo been had Antonio Giovinazzi not empowered them to open their account?

Five races with no points whatsoever would cut a picture about as good as Maldonado returning and crashing into an opponent straight away. Terrible, far from impressive.

Today, everyone is feeling the vibe that better things await the Swiss-Italian team. And why not? They’ve shown in the past what they are capable of. They’ve proven, even outdone critics who lambasted the gawky car in the past courtesy enthralling finishes like Kimi’s P4 and Giovinazzi‘s P5 at the eventful 2019 Brazilian Grand Prix.

In lighter vein, a team powered by the most experienced driver on the grid, one who reserves little for media hype and pressing questions and a man hailed as the Italian Jesus, how could blessed form not come to the Vasseur-driven side?

That being said, make no mistake for Alfa Romeo’s understanding of how the sport works and what takes to progress is more profound than the lamentation an experienced legend like Sir Jackie Stewart throws on Lewis Hamilton, an inimitable seven-time world champion.


Why Alfa Romeo are here to stay?

And any doubts, whatsoever, that Alfa Romeo would fade away or probably look elsewhere other than Formula 1 are completely unfounded.

Theirs is a checkered history in the game, having been present in the maiden F1 season, continuing a journey that’s lasted for multiple decades.

But while they may not have the roaring success of the kinds that enabled Giuseppe Farina to clinch the first-ever Formula 1 world championship, they have the key resources and a significantly-improved Ferrari-powered engine to up their charge in 2021.

Moreover, Giovinazzo’s desire to clinch a maiden podium with the team, which might seem rather too optimistic, is at least, indication enough that the low-key stable that doesn’t believe in shenanigans is out here to improve and soldier on.

On the positive front, Alfa Romeo’s CEO asserted that there’s no way that the widely-known racing outfit is going to leave F1. Well, not anytime soon.



Team’s CEO’s version

If Mr. Jean-Philippe Imparato is to be believed then racing is inherently in the blood of the stable that has two world championships against its name. The Italian was quoted as saying, “For Alfa Romeo, motorsport has always been part of the brand’s DNA!”

Sounding optimistic about how F1 might evolve in the near future, something which could further aid the performance of the side, he’d go on to add, “And when I see F1, I say it is one of the most efficient disciplines in the world. If you don’t do well there, it reflects on everything else. So I say motorsport is fundamental for Alfa Romeo.

It is a game we must play calmly, evaluating all the things that have been done in the past and what the future will be, given the evolutions happen very quickly.”

Well, calm is the adjective that fervently describes the team ably piloted by the man who hardly gets hassled and avoids all the needless drama. Given his younger teammate is in the right frame of mind and fluent form, just imagine all that the silent force in the midfield go onto achieve if Kimi Matias Raikkonen comes into his own?

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