The Kings of Catalonia: Who Has The Most Spanish Grand Prix Wins?

Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya
Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya

The Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya plays host to one of Formula One’s most historic and prestigious races, the Spanish Grand Prix. Since its inception, the Spanish Grand Prix has witnessed a cavalcade of legendary drivers and iconic victories. But who stands atop the podium of most wins at this revered track? This exploration delves into the statistics and stories of the drivers who have dominated the Spanish Grand Prix.


  • The Reign of the Red Baron: Michael Schumacher (6 Wins)The undisputed king of the Spanish Grand Prix at Catalunya is Michael Schumacher. The German maestro secured a staggering six victories (1995, 1996, 2001, 2002, 2003, and 2004) with his dominant Benneton Renault and Ferrari cars. His precise driving and strategic brilliance made him a formidable force at the Circuit de Catalunya.
  • Hammertime: Lewis Hamilton (6 Wins) Lewis Hamilton, was next to take the throne of Schumacher as king of Formula One, he has established himself as a dominant force at the Spanish Grand Prix. Since 2014, he has secured six victories (2014, 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020, 2021) with his dominant Mercedes cars. His aggressive driving style and strategic prowess have made him a consistent threat at the Circuit de Catalunya.

Early Years

The Emergence of F1 Legends: Prost, Mansell, Stewart. (3 wins each)The 60s era saw the emergence of Formula One greats such as Jackie Stewart (3 wins in 1969, 1970, and 1971). Jump to the late 80s early 90s saw the emergence of Prost and Mansell, with Prost reigning supreme with (3 wins 1988, 1990, 1993) and Nigel Mansell respectively (3 wins 1987, 1991, 1992). Their victories showcased the evolution of racing techniques and the increasing influence of Formula One on the global stage.

Flying Finns

  • Mika Hakkinen & Kimi Raikkonen Mika Hakkinen, the “Flying Finn,” secured three Spanish Grand Prix wins (1998, 1999, and 2000) in his McLaren-Mercedes, showcasing exceptional car control and racecraft. Following in his footsteps, Kimi Raikkonen, the “Iceman,” achieved two victories (2005, 2008) with his McLaren and Ferrari cars, displaying an unmatched calmness under pressure.

Double Trouble

  • Ayrton Senna, a driver known for his unparalleled skills, triumphed in Spain in 1986 and 1989. Fernando Alonso, forever a fan favorite at the Circuit de Catalunya, secured victories in 2006 and 2013, igniting the Spanish crowd with his daring maneuvers. Emerson Fittipaldi, the double World Champion, took the checkered flag in 1972 and 1973, showcasing his adaptability across different eras of Formula One. Mario Andretti, the American racing legend, also added his name to the list of double Spanish Grand Prix victors winning consecutively 1977 and 1978. Louis Chiron, a pre-war maestro, secured wins in 1928 and 1933 respectively.

The Current King

Max Verstappen (3 Wins). With his aggressive yet calculated driving style, Verstappen has conquered the Spanish Grand Prix a remarkable three times (2016, 2022, and 2023). Verstappen’s subsequent victories in 2016, 2022 and 2023 solidify his dominance on the Spanish track and demonstrate his unwavering pursuit of success. As he continues to push the limits of car and driver, the question remains, will Verstappen add even more Spanish Grand Prix victories to his already impressive tally?

A Look Back at the 2023 Spanish Grand Prix

Polesitter Max Verstappen led from start to finish. Lando Norris made contact with Lewis Hamilton coming into the first corner, damaging his front wing and forcing him to come into the pit lane for a change, dropping him to last. Hamilton’s floor was also damaged.

By lap 50, Sainz, Alonso, Russell, Hamilton and Pérez all swapped their compounds while Verstappen was shown a black and white flag due to three track limits violations. Ocon pulled a defense on Alonso, which Alonso was able to evade. Yuki Tsunoda was given a five-second penalty for forcing Zhou off track, dropping him out of the points from ninth position. Verstappen would take the fastest lap and win the race ahead of Hamilton and Russell, earning him his third career grand slam.

The Future of the Spanish Grand Prix

The Spanish Grand Prix remains a cornerstone of the Formula One calendar. With its rich history, passionate fan base, and ever-evolving competition, the Circuit de Catalunya promises to continue serving up thrilling races for years to come. Whether a new driver will rise to challenge the dominance of Schumacher, Hamilton, and the rest remains to be seen. But one thing is certain: the fight for supremacy at the Spanish Grand Prix will continue to be a captivating spectacle for motorsport enthusiasts worldwide.


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