Max Verstappen Odds On Favourite For 2024 Title

F1 Grand Prix Of Brazil
F1 Grand Prix Of Brazil

Stretching from Bahrain to Abu Dhabi, the 2024 Formula One season promises to be, simply put, spectacular! From March to December, fans will taste the thrill of the tracks through a record-breaking 24 Grand Prix races. More exciting yet, one-third of the races will happen on street tracks. This year, 20 racing pros will compete for the championship trophy. However, there’s only one place at the top of the 75th edition of the F1 championship. So, who will it be?

Placing your bets on Verstappen (Red Bull) is almost a sure deal! After triumphing in 2023, the Dutchman is ready to reign the tracks once again! However, the world champion will face fierce competition from fellow titleholders like Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes), emerging stars like Lando Norris and 18 other contenders who’ll spice up the competition. 

There are no new faces in the driver lineup in 2024, so the team dynamics are expected to stay the same. New machines, cooling systems, and the drivers’ motivation to win can change the participants’ winning odds. Speaking of winning, let’s assess the odds for each driver and his team.

To assess the odds, the sports betting experts at CasinoOnlineCA, with unrivalled experience in Formula 1 betting, have carried out in-depth research and published their expert predictions for the 2024 Formula 1 Season.

Max Verstappen’s Quest for Another Title

Verstappen, Red Bull’s F1 superstar driver, won the 2023 Championship with a record-breaking speed — with six Grands Prix still on the table. Only one other diver shares this feat with Verstappen — the famous Schumacher. So, can we expect Red Bull to lock the 2024 championship this rapidly again? It seems like it’s all in Verstappen’s hands!

If the Dutchman dominates F1 2024, it’ll be his fourth title as a world champion. Last year’s 19 wins and 575 points put him far ahead of the second-ranked Sergio Peres, who had two wins and 285 points. On the other hand, Hamilton’s stats showed 234 points for a solid third place.

A month until the start of the season (March 2), things are looking good for Verstappen. His championship preps are going smoothly. Over Christmas, he drove a karting track in Brazil. Since January 16, he’s diving into the virtual racing scene in the ‘Real Racers Never Quit’ series kick-off. In the second round, he won two virtual races against real-life racers and simulation drivers.

This virtual experience will equip Verstappen with endurance training, a skill the 26-year-old wants to perfect. Sharpening response times, actions, and focus are just some of the benefits that online casino gaming, video games, and virtual training have in common.

Team Line-Ups and Lack of Rookies

Driver-wise, the F1 2024 Championship will be historic! This year will be the first time in F1’s seven-decade history that a season starts without a single rookie driver. 

No newbies on the drivers list means we’re in for a showdown with the pros. The competition might reach a new level with such seasoned and top-class drivers. So, get ready for some speedy battles and strategic racing moves with drivers who know the ins and outs of Formula One racing.

Here’s the complete driver line-up for the 2024 F1 Championship:

  • Pierre Gasly (10) and Esteban Ocon (31) will be racing for Alpine (Renault)
  • Fernando Alonso (14) and Lance Stroll (18) will represent Aston Martin (Mercedes)
  • Charles Leclerc (16) and Carlos Sainz Jr (55) will race for Ferrari (Ferrari)
  • Kevin Magnussen (20) and Nico Hülkenberg (27) will compete for Haas (Ferrari)
  • Lando Norris (4) and Oscar Piastri (81) will represent McLaren (Mercedes) 
  • George Russell (63) and Lewis Hamilton (44) will drive for Mercedes-AMG (Mercedes) 
  • Sergio Pérez (11) and Max Verstappen (33) will race for Red Bull (Honda RBPT)
  • Valterri Bottas (77) and Zhou Guanyu (24) will compete for Stake (Ferrari)
  • Yuki Tsunoda (22) and Daniel Ricciardo (3) will drive for Visa Cash App RB (Honda RBPT).
  • Alex Albon (23) and Logan Sargeant (2) are racing for Williams (Mercedes)

While there are no changes in the driver’s lineup between the last Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi (2023) and the Bahrain race in the 2024 F1 season, two of the 10 retained teams changed their brands. 

Alfa Romeo, which returned to its old name, Sauber, is now officially known as Stake F1 Team Kick Sauber. Also, Red Bull’s second team, which used to go by Scuderia Toro Rosso and later AlphaTauri, is getting a new name for the 2024 F1 season — Visa Cash App RB. Will this change anything for the teams? A better sponsorship means faster and more effective racing machines, so the answer is yes, absolutely! 

Red Bull’s Bid for Constructors’ Championship

What makes or breaks winning chances are young and ambitious driver stars. Because of them, the Formula One Championship is more popular than ever. The proof? On average over a million US viewers tuned in for each race in the 2023 F1 edition. 

The Formula brand is featured everywhere, but mostly, it’s becoming one of the go-to game themes for boosting player retention. Moreover, the Constructors’ Championship has become a staple of sports entertainment.

Last year, Red Bull’s Racing Honda RBPT triumphed at the World Constructors’ Championship (WCC), earning 860 PTS. This is more than double the points of the second-ranked Mercedes (409). What about the upcoming season? Will the Red Bull team repeat this raging success?

One thing is sure: Honda’s Koji Watanabe promises new engines for Verstappen and Perez that will outperform the old ones, precisely in longevity.

Given all this, Verstappen’s odds of winning this year’s FIA Constructors’ Championship are -500. Lando Norris is behind him, with odds of +900. Lewis Hamilton is the third favourite, with odds of +1100.

Even though McLaren has experienced some rough patches, they finished fourth place for the 2023 WCC. Watch closely for this team because, lately, they have brought an excellent engineer duo, David Sanchez and Rob Marshall, to the crew. Now, they’ve got all the smarts, setups, and drivers to give Red Bull and Verstappen a run for their money!

Alex Albon — A Potential Surprise Star

After being dropped out as a race driver competing for Red Bull, Alex Albon is making remarkable progress in Williams. The 27-year-old won 27 points in the 2023 F1 Championship, pushing his team to 7th place in the standings. This means he’s on an excellent road to achieving even more this time and could be a potential surprise in 2024. 

With his Williams contract expiring at the end of 2024, Albon has every reason to shine this F1 season. With his confidence back, he’s more than able to perform even better. So far, he’s earned 228 points and scored 3 best finishes. Still, his 2024 championship-winning odds stand at + 50,000. 

Sergio Perez — The Biggest Underachiever

Perez’s vast experience driving for Racing Point, Force India, Sauber, and McLaren didn’t protect him from a blow to the confidence because of his teammate’s (Verstappen) raging success. 

His performance was totally off during the Qatar Grand Prix in 2023. He ended the race in 10th position, a whopping 80 seconds behind Verstappen.

Moreover, from Japan to Mexico City, he only scored 16 points compared to Verstappen’s 117 during the same stretch. Rumours were buzzing about Perez’s future, especially if he couldn’t grab that P2 spot in the Drivers’ standings — something Red Bull was dead set on achieving. But he never gave up.

“Perez’s odds for the 2024 season stand at +3300. He’s acknowledging his failure last season and gearing up for a better score in 2024. The pressure over him is immense, but will it help boost his performance within the Red Bull team,” observes our gambling expert James Segrest.

So far, he’s won six Grand Prix races and scored 35 podium finishes. The 2024 season will be decisive for his career, as beginning in 2025, he’ll likely drop out of the Red Bull team.

Lando Norris’s Quest for Grand Prix Victory

The British-Belgian Lando Norris scored his first podium finish in the 2020 Austrian Grand Prix. Back then, he raced like an ace before Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton managed to get past him.

Thirteen podium finishes and five F1 seasons later, this 24-year-old still awaits his first Grand Prix. Will Norris’s motivation for a first win drive him (pun intended) past the opponents this Formula One season? Despite his outstanding performance, our CasinoOnlineCA team notes that he’ll probably need to wait for Verstappen to flop for a solid winning chance.

Norris has finished second four times in the past nine races, most recently at the Japanese Grand Prix on September 23. He has also finished third in the last two races, giving him four consecutive podium finishes. So, is Lando Norris on a good track to land his first Grand Prix in 2024? The F1 Drivers’ Championship odds show +900 next to his name.


The 2024 F1 season will probably be one for the books! With an unprecedented 24 Grand Prix to be won, it’ll give the audiences an exhilarating ride from Bahrain to Abu Dhabi. Also, with no rookies on the grid, Formula One 2024 will be on a new level of competition.

Betting-wise, all eyes are on Verstappen as Mad Max prepares to dominate again. The race is on, but Verstappen could face tough competition on the road to propel Red Bull to another Constructors’ Championship win.

His teammate, Perez, is gearing up for redemption, and so is Williams’s Alex Albon. And Lando Norris? He’s gunning for that first Grand Prix! 

So, prepare for a season packed with adrenaline, unexpected twists, and the thrill of speed on the F1 track. Who’s gonna take the checkered flag? We’ll find out soon enough!

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