Could Lewis Hamilton Incur Another Grid Penalty Soon?

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton is currently second on the driver standings in the F1 title fight for 2021. He’s second only to Max Verstappen, the Dutchman taking control of the much important lead at the Istanbul Park-bound 2021 Turkish Grand Prix.

But that said, the way Red Bull driver Max Verstappen and Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton are involved in a closely-fought duel to take this year’s world title, one cannot put a finger on who might prevail in the end.

There’s also a reason to believe that. Much of the current season has been marred by incidents and uncertain occurrences none saw coming or could even have predicted in any possible ways. For instance, the grid penalty imposed on Hamilton at Turkey, which was down to an engine change. Who would’ve thought that the much needed step would occur at a time so important in defining the fate of the year’s championship?

Not to forget, the recent collision at Monza-bound Italian Grand Prix of 2021, an event where the Honeybadger came to the party and revived his fledgeling McLaren campaign. Who would’ve ever thought that a collision between Verstappen and Hamilton would become so exasperating in the end that it would see both title contenders for the 2021 fight having to race-retire?

The sight of Verstappen’s Red Bull literally on top of Hamilton’s car#44 wasn’t the prettiest and still rattles those who feel F1 is just about speed, not so much about the repercussions or ramifications of an ill-conceived move.

But then, that’s Formula 1, isn’t it- where the uncertain takes certain form.

What might happen to Lewis Hamilton in the imminent future

But then luck too plays a vital part in the fastest-form of single-seater racing, doesn’t it? Where Lewis Hamilton would so have liked to put his signature on the canvas of the Turkish GP, he was left gutted at the back of a decision that should never really have been taken by his team in the first place.

You know it. His fans know it. His team knows it. And yet, that’s life. So if there’s one thing that Lewis Hamilton would so dearly want to avoid then it’s another grid penalty in lines with a new engine change. Isn’t it?

But can that even happen? What’s cooking at Mercedes and why’s such a topical subject even being talked about?

All of that being said, the following is what Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff had to say in regards to Lewis Hamilton’s current situation and where another possible engine issue may lead him and the team:

“We had to do it,” shared the team boss of one of the sport’s most domineering outfits in a recent conversation with the team at Sky Sports F1. “We saw some data on the Internal Combustion unit that didn’t look very promising and a DNF is a total killer for the championship.”

That said, the Austrian would add, “We’ve seen over the course of the season that we’ve had some little gremlins that we weren’t completely sure where they came from and how much performance they could potentially cost. So we’d rather have a new engine in the pool and that we understand that can possibly go longer.”

I think we understand much better now where the root cause lies and it’s something that can happen from time to time if you just have a material issue, a batch problem and these are the things you need to consider. It’s seven tough races ahead of us. Let’s see how the points pan out. I would never say no but normally four engines looks quite sufficient,” concluded Toto Wolff.


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