The Coanda Effect #8

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A Podium For Perez At Spa?

With the power of the Mercedes Benz powering his Racing Point, Peter on Pole predicts a podium for Perez this weekend at Spa.

What are his other bold predictions for the race? Check them out here…

Ferrari’s Worst Formula 1 Cars

In the course of their long and illustrious history, Ferrari have made some spectacular Formula 1 cars. Their 2020 challenger is not one of those.

The Race looks back at some of the worst Ferrari’s to grace F1, and just what made them so bad.

Ranking F1 Driver Helmets!

Inspired by the livery rankings put out at the start of the year, the team at CC F1 rank the driver helmets of 2020.

Spa A Happy Hunting Ground For Racing Point

Carrying on the Racing Point theme from today, the track has always been a happy hunting ground for the team, as the former head of marketing at Force India Kunal Shah explains.

Formula 1 News Shorts

  • It’s been 20 years since Mika Hakkinen made *that* move on Michael Schumacher at Spa. Dev Tyagi looks back at what is arguably the greatest overtake in F1 history.