The Coanda Effect #10

Hello and welcome to The Coanda Effect!

From Monday to Friday every week, we’ll bring you the best Formula 1 videos on YouTube from publishers you may not have seen before.

Get your F1 fix with these clips…

Binotto Convinced Ferrari is “Not in a Crisis”

Dillon Shelley from Formula World examines Mattia Binotto’s rather odd claim that the Scuderia isn’t in a crisis…

Williams Can Score Points Soon

With their future secured, the future for Williams is looking bright. Ellie Jane F1 believes a points-scoring finish is just around the corner, and explains why here.

WTH Moments: Belgian Grand Prix

In a brand new format, Peter on Pole shares his ‘What the Heck’ moments from the 2020 Belgian Grand Prix, including a horrible call from Crofty.

2020 Italian Grand Prix Preview

Our own Formula 1 podcast is back, as George and the team preview the 2020 Italian Grand Prix on the Grid Talk podcast.