The Best Formula 1 Podcasts of 2020 (so far)

Looking for the best Formula 1 podcasts of 2020 to help get you through quarantine and the lack of on-track action?


The great news is there are still some top Formula 1 podcasts out there who are putting out regular content to help us all make it through these long iso-days.

You may recall we put together a list of the best Formula 1 podcasts of 2019 at the end of last year, so we have intentionally not included any of those F1 podcasts again, to help you keep your download list fresh.

So, what is the best Formula 1 podcast of 2020?

Let’s have a look…


The Best Formula 1 Podcasts of 2020 (so far)

WTF1 Podcast

The WTF1 Podcast looks at the news that is happening in the ‘virtual’ paddock while we wait for racing to return, but what we really like about this one is they’re doing a ‘That Time When’ series that takes us for a drive down memory lane, such as Michael Schumacher’s last win, A Nigerian prince owning an F1 team, and the time the Korean Grand Prix ended in the dark.

Check out the WTF1 Podcast on Audioboom.

Back Of The Grid

Hosted by Tom King, Chris Evans, and Stu Greenwood, Back Of The Grid recently had an excellent episode about the Sainz & Ricciardo moves, plus what comes next for Vettel.

We’re also excited about their Prediction League too.

Catch Back Of The Grid on Podbean.

Box of Neutrals

Box of Neutrals is great for a laugh, the lads have a lot of fun together, and share some great insights and opinions in with the banter.

From their green & gold podcast art, you can tell that they’re proud Aussies yet not every episode is about their mate Danny Ric, which is a nice touch, proving they are indeed neutrals…

Box of Neutrals is available on OmnyStudio.

The Parc Fermé

The Parc Fermé have over 680 podcasts to their name, and it’s no wonder, as the quality of their content is always exceptional.

Aside from their usual top Formula 1 podcast content, what we’re really excited about is their ‘TPF Stories’ series looking at the history of F1, the first being a piece on Damon Hill.

Check out The Parc Fermé on Podbean.

F1 Explained

If you’ve been looking for new hobbies to take up during quarantine and you have fallen in love with Formula 1, then F1 Explained is the best Formula 1 podcast to bring you up to speed with everything F1.

Go and binge on their back catalogue of F1 podcasts and by the time Covid-19 is in the rear-view mirror, you’ll be ready to go for 2020 and beyond.

F1 Explained is on iTunes, Spotify, and Google.

Missed Apex Podcast

Somehow I missed the apex of quality research when I put my best Formula 1 podcasts of 2019 list together, as I foolishly left out the Missed Apex Podcast.


Spanners and Matt Trumpet always get the blend of irreverence, humour, and news spot on, and their June 1 episode with former team boss Matthew Carter was a pearler.

Luckily the good folks in the F1Technical sub-reddit helped get me back on track.

Formula 1 Grid Talk

Ok, so we said we wouldn’t have any podcasts from our 2019 list on our Best Formula 1 Podcasts of 2020 list, but come on, did you really expect us not to give ourselves a cheeky little plug here too?

We’ve slowed down a little, to earn points around the home that we’ll spend in earnest when the racing is back on, but we’ve still had some fun while we wait.

Some of our most popular episodes this year have been:

  1. Our interview with Mario Isola, head of F1 at Pirelli
  2. The anatomy of a cancelled Grand Prix
  3. The ‘Top 10 Best Drivers of the 21st Century’ (this one led to some spicy comments on our Facebook page!)
  4. Who had the best rookie season?
  5. Ayrton Senna Special

So there you have it, our list of the best Formula 1 podcasts of 2020, so far…

Have we missed your favourite off the list? If we have, let us know, we’ll check it out and if we like it, we’ll add it in!