Stewards Declare Case Closed In Hamilton v Verstappen Clash

2021 British Grand Prix F1 Sprint Qualifying Race (image courtesy Pirelli)

Usually, when a Formula 1 Grand Prix is over, the publications push out the following verdict – the dust has settled over the race and we move on to the next one. But in the case of the recent Silverstone-bound race, one simply couldn’t say that dust had settled over the British Grand Prix. 

Well, where Red Bull, the aggrieved team at Great Britain were concerned, certainly not! 

Just who would’ve thought that the opening lap collision between Hamilton and Verstappen at Copse would become an incident so utterly blaring in its birth of controversy and debate that even after Hamilton received the penalty (a 10-sec one at that) Red Bull would still be rendered unsatisfied. 

So much so that even after the Grand Prix, Red Bull protested against Hamilton’s penalty, raising the issue with the FIA stewards. 

Though truth be told if Red Bull, who’ve been in menacing form this season, or any of their fans may have expected any further drama to an issue already escalated a certain deal, then there’s none of it anymore. 

With the stewards deciding “no further decision,” on the Lewis Hamilton penalty protested over by Red Bull, it can be now said that we all can focus on the next race at hand and let the dramatic events of the 2021 British GP be! 

After all, it’s always better to gaze into the future instead of mulling over what’s lost in the past- isn’t it? 

Though, it must be said, the controversy became an embittered moment for Red Bull’s arch-rivals Mercedes this season, who accused the Milton Keynes-based outfit of “tarnishing their integrity” and “reputation” in the sport. 

Mercedes, meanwhile, are no ordinary outfit, having won every single driver and constructor title ever since the start of the turbo-hybrid era of the sport, which justifies their hurt and angst. 

All of that being said, here’s what F1 had to say on the matter of no further punishment being extended to Hamilton, perhaps a move that may not leave Horner as the happiest man around:

The FIA’s International Sporting Code permits such requests for a review if “a significant and relevant new element is discovered which was unavailable to the parties seeking the review at the time of the decision concerned.”

Furthermore, in their bid to protest to the stewards, the following is the evidence and claims that Red Bull had presented:

  • GPS data available to them of both Hamilton and Verstappen’s car
  • GPS data drawing “various alleged comparisons” with the line taken by Hamilton when passing Charles Leclerc for the lead later in the race at the same corner
  • Alleged lap simulations of the incident
  • What was described as a “re-enactment” of Hamilton’s lap one line at Silverstone based on a lap allegedly driven by Alex Albon

Now that the matter has reached a fair conclusion, the FIA giving it a fair examination, perhaps it’s in the best interest of the sport to focus on the next tussle on offer: another mouthwatering contest between Hamilton and Verstappen at the Hungaroring, where should Lewis triumph, he’ll hit a century of race wins. 

Though Max would be keen to bounce back albeit fighting hard and safely. 

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