Spa-Franchorchamps, Home To Belgian Grand Prix Hit By Heavy Floods

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Spa-Francorchamps-bound Belgian Grand Prix, a Formula 1 race considered as serene as it is testing for drivers, being one of the fastest tracks on the calendar, it appears, is in a bit of a trouble. The reason is being put down to the attractive Grand Prix venue being hit by massive flooding. It’s, of course, no surprise that one of the great ecological upsets that Europe has been at the receiving end of, especially in the last few days is the floods that have caused devastation across the continent, with countries like Germany receiving a firm hit.

But all of that leaves us with the key question of just how caustic has been the damage caused to an incredible racing venue, one where the likes of Kimi Raikkonen have achieved four wins, earning the sobriquet- the King of Spa, a track where Vettel won a great 2018 race making Ferrari’s win a grand triumph and less of a duel with the then arch-nemesis, Lewis Hamilton. Also, not to forget a track where Lewis Hamilton won a commanding 2020 race win!

Well, apparently, where it stands at the moment, repair work is taking place at one of Formula 1’s grandest venues- the Belgian Grand Prix. This year, much like every year, a race is due to happen in the imminent future. On 29th August, the Belgian Grand Prix will possibly witness a closely-fought saga between the Mercedes and the Red Bull in a contest where Hamilton and Verstappen will leave nothing to chance in order to secure a win.

But before all of that comes to life, the Belgian Grand Prix will have to find itself tidied up a bit in the light of torrential floods that emerged from Germany before reaching the neighbouring land of Waffles and serene Ardennes!

Luckily though, while the track doesn’t appear to be needing hefty repair work- which is a great piece of news for absolutely everybody- it does appear that the venue will be thoroughly cleaned.

Just the kind of intricate exercise that already has begun in the wake of the forthcoming Grand Prix.

What’s the current situation at Belgian Grand Prix venue?

That being said, a key Motorsports journal exclaimed the following the light of the recent events:

“The Blanchimont road, giving access to the paddock, has partially collapsed and the Ster and Blanchimont tunnels are impassable. The track itself has not been impacted. They added that in the areas bordering the circuit, trees had been in danger of falling, safety fences needed to be replaced and the digital infrastructure for track safety had to be restored to operating conditions. The aim was for the circuit to be ready for the SRO Speedweek this coming weekend, which will be held behind closed doors and includes a round of the British GT Championship. The following weekend, the 24 Hours of Spa takes place, while Belgium’s round of the World Rally Championship also pays a visit to the circuit on August 15, two weeks before the grand prix weekend. Spa had already been undergoing an 80 million euro refurbishment to modernise its facilities including new grandstands, while also reintroducing gravel traps.”


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