What Does Ross Brawn Feel About F1 Returning To Zandvoort?


The last time that Zandvoort featured on the calendar, Max Verstappen, whose home race it is, wasn’t even born, Kimi and Alonso were far away from making their debuts, still kids back then, F1 was as afar from Hamilton and Vettel as is a Tesla from the reach of the marginalised in the society.

As a matter of fact, in 1985, the likes of Kimi Raikkonen had barely begun to speak, irking parents for four consecutive years since the kid would hardly ever open his mouth. 1985 was also the year where the great Keke Rosberg took his final victory in the sport, his curtain call coming at Australia, in that very year where he also aced Detroit.

That being said, it was the that part in time where the likes of Lauda and Piquet roared in Formula 1. And the 1985 Dutch Grand Prix, held at Zandvoort, would be the last ever that one would get to see in a sport that’s missed it for over three and a half decades.

Perhaps that is why there’s sizeable excitement to welcome back a track that’s as daunting in its challenge as it is exciting for drivers to face.

The 2021 Dutch GP at Zandvoort returns to F1 after spending 36 years in the wilderness

That being said, it’s only just and fitting that not only are the drivers excited to race at a venue where none on the current grid have raced, but so is the F1 boss Mr. Ross Brawn.

Here is what Ross Brawn said about F1’s return to Zandvoort, just 41 mins apart from Amsterdam, in his exclusive F1 column:

We will be racing in some great places, putting on a great show. It’s a calendar we think we can deliver and one which will mean we have another major chapter in this championship. We’ve seen a fascinating battle in the opening half of the year and we still have 10 more races to savour.

The ace was also excited to see how might Max Verstappen fare at a track that’ll hopefully get to see something exciting from the flying Dutchman.

Mr. Brawn would further add, ”

Every championship battle ebbs and flows. I hope we can now have 10 races where both Max and Lewis score and we can see them battle for the lead. When one driver gets knocked out or has a failure, it spoils the battle.

Max is going to enjoy some extra support in Zandvoort this weekend. It’s a race I’m very much looking forward to. The promoter has made a tremendous effort to put the event on and made massive modifications to the track.”

F1’s second bit of the triple-header is here this weekend and weather permitting, one shall get to see an exciting contest between Verstappen and Hamilton.

Let’s hope we see a fascinating contest minus any rains or inclement weather. For that is what one desires, isn’t it? So we are back again: It’s lights out and away we go at Zandvoort.


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