Turkish Grand Prix Could Make A Return To The 2020 F1 Calendar!

Turkish Grand Prix
Turkish Grand Prix

As a matter of fact, from the onset of 2018, the organizers of the Turkish Grand Prix had been planning to return to the F1 roster. Back then, there were reports regarding the President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan having talks with the Liberty Media (owners of Formula 1) to bring back grand prix racing to one of the most phenomenal racing venues.

Having said that, two years went by and there couldn’t be any racing action whatsoever at the very venue where once Red Bull reigned supreme, their last win dated back to 2011, which coincided with the last installation of the Turkish Grand Prix.

But cut to the present day and it appears that we could see the Turkish Grand Prix, an event that was held no fewer than seven times in the past. And a very likely return, according to current news updates, would mean that we could have the eighth run of the Turkish Grand Prix later this year.

But having said that, it’s interesting to note how things change in the prime force of motor-racing. Wondering how? Well, how’s some numbers for an example!

Back in 2011, when he won the Turkish Grand Prix, held at the noted Istanbul Park, Sebastian Vettel, then with Red Bull, was not only just a 24-year-old driver, but then at the peak of his powers and ability. And though, the passion of the Heppenheim-born driver hasn’t doused one bit, the Vettel we see today is but a frail reflection of his constant winning nature at the Christian Horner-outfit. Isn’t that right?

One of the most widely debated moves in all of 2020 has been the manner and nature of Sebastian Vettel’s parting with Ferrari, an action that would be complete upon the completion of the current season. Once, the mighty ‘numero uno’ man at Scuderia, Vettel’s been a victim of fledgling fortunes and testing times at the Maranello team where it’s not that hard to see who the number one driver or the ‘main man’ is. Car #16, anyone?

But back in 2011, Sebastian Vettel set the Istanbul Park alight with his commanding victory and was also the pole sitter as teammate Mark Webber would set the then-fastest lap of the contest enabling the Christian Horner-led team to gather a dominant Grand Slam at the Turkish Grand Prix.

Moving on to what’s in store for 2020, it’s believed that the forthcoming Turkish Grand Prix is but a step away from being hosted later this year, as all await a final confirmation from the end of the FIA and Formula1.com.

Where it stands at present, then it’s believed that the grand circus would return to the great transcontinental land in the mid of November and the weekend around November 15 is when we could all focus our sights on the famous Istanbul Park, another of Hermann Tilke’s grand creations.


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