Max Verstappen Ready For Lion’s Den

With a full-house roaring on local here Lewis Hamilton at Silverstone this weekend, Max Verstappen is looking forward to entering the lion’s den as he aims to extend his lead in the 2021 F1 driver’s standings.

The 2021 British Grand Prix will also see the first ‘sprint qualifying’ race, which represents an unknown quantity in the championship battle.

Max Verstappen Looks To Continue Strong Start

After making a strong start to the season, Max Verstappen is looking to capitalise with just two races remaining before the mid-season break.

‘Having fans back will really make the difference at Silverstone and the British crowd love motorsport in general which means it is a special place to be. Last year we did two races with no crowds and the atmosphere was missing, it’s of course still an amazing track, but to have the fans back again is going to make it even better and even though I know they will be supporting the British drivers I love to see the passion that they have for all of us. I just hope that the race is going to be exciting for them too.

‘We’ve started the season off really well and of course I’m very happy about that, but we have to keep on pushing, we can’t just be thinking about our results so far. It’s going to be really tight and a challenge for the rest of the year but that is what makes it exciting. We were for sure ahead in Austria and our car was very good there but in France we only won with a few laps to go, so the championship is very close and maybe even closer than the points show at the moment. There are some tough tracks coming up where Mercedes may have the edge on us but we have a great Team and we are doing everything we can to try and stay ahead.

‘I’m very open about trying the sprint races and I quite like that we have a bit less practice before we head into qualifying, but let’s just wait, it’s difficult to say anything about it until we’ve tested it this weekend. Every race you take risks but controlled risks, especially when you are fighting for a championship, but this one race isn’t going to define the end result,’ said Verstappen.

2021 Azerbaijan Grand Prix, Sunday - Max Verstappen (image courtesy Red Bull Racing)
2021 Azerbaijan Grand Prix, Sunday – Max Verstappen (image courtesy Red Bull Racing)

Sergio Perez Hoping To Bounce Back In Britain

Last time out in Austria was a torrid day for Sergio Perez, who tangled with both Lando Norris and Charles Leclerc, and had to settle for a sixth-place finish. This weekend, the Mexican is looking to come back strong.

‘Obviously it wasn’t my day, I have learnt from what happened and I have taken the positives away from the race. We have to keep pushing and I am now focussing on this weekend, looking ahead, I can’t wait to get back on track at Silverstone. I am very excited to see all the fans back at the track too, the atmosphere is always electric at Silverstone. Hopefully lots of the Team’s family can come and watch the race too, they are all in for a good race weekend.

‘I’m feeling positive and pumped up for this weekend, hopefully we can get onto the podium again. It will be interesting to see the new race format for Formula One too. As a Team we have put in a lot of effort to understand the new race format, a lot of preparation and practice has gone into this weekend. It will be very different for everyone, it’s definitely exciting and I hope that the hard work pays off.

‘I saw Mercedes talk about upgrades so I’m sure they will be very strong this weekend. We will, of course, try our hardest as well and hopefully we will be able to come back up on top. Let’s see what happens!’ concluded Perez.

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