Charles Leclerc Not A Fan Of Friday Sessions In F1!

Charles Leclerc
Charles Leclerc

Charles Leclerc and his not so happy mood on Fridays- is there something to it that we don’t know?

To most of the working population of the world, the word Friday brings about as immediately and wide a smile as the one experienced upon hearing the term ‘increment’ at workplace or ‘job promotion.’ It’s the start of the weekend. To the particular part of the world that’s fond of Formula 1 and has a passion of speed, it indicates a further extension of the facial muscles and the lips. For Friday signals the precursor to the race-weekend. Though, much surprisingly so, Friday doesn’t really hold that great an excitement for Charles Leclerc of Ferrari. So why is that and what might be the reason for this?

According to the Monegasque, among the things the entire racing weekend consists of, it’s Fridays that he doesn’t quite like. As a matter of fact, if for anything, Charles Leclerc believes that the earlier he gets done with Friday, the better and more glad he feels.

So what is the reason for that? While one’s not sure about what every individual driver may feel about an important day, since it marks the free-practice, it can be said for certain that in a race-weekend, this particular day constitutes its own importance.

And how is that?

Well, it doesn’t make an Einstein to note that Fridays give the first indication about the car’s pace and the much-vaunted component of the feel of the car to the drivers. It’s the stepping stone to build up on a strong race weekend, truth be told.

And if there’s ever a day that gives a driver the know-how of a track for the very first occasion concerning a Grand Prix contest, then it’s Friday.

Yet, there is something about the fifth day of the week that the man who got himself, thus far, two podiums in the SF 70 H, doesn’t quite like?

So let’s get to the bottom of this and understand Leclerc’s overall view:

What does Charles Leclerc not like about Friday?

In an interaction with a racing portal, the young Ferrari driver, currently in his third season with the Scuderia outfit had the following observations to make:

The Friday normally is so boring. Honestly in the car I just want the Friday to be done. Now finally we have a Friday where FP1 straightaway we need to be on it, we have qualifying straight after, which I enjoyed a lot more. Then a sprint qualifying, that makes it exciting, and the Sunday, a great race.”

He would further add, “If I give my personal opinion I think maybe the qualifying should be the start of the race,” he said. “The format needs to be maybe a little bit modified but overall I think it is definitely a gain, in my opinion. Maybe the Saturday do a race but keep the starting grid from the qualifying.”

Though, rather interestingly, the man who has challenged Charles Leclerc and his Ferrari‘s authority brilliantly this season as seen from the ten races held thus far, Lando Norris, didn’t really seem to have any complaints regarding the build up day to the entirety of the race-weekend.


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