Have Changes Been Made To F1 Qatar Grand Prix Circuit?

F1 Qatar Grand Prix
F1 Qatar Grand Prix

In a major first for the sport the F1 Qatar Grand Prix was announced not too long ago in the recent past. The exact date for the announcement of the newcomer to the F1 calendar, was as a matter of fact, on September 30.

What’s the possible criticism toward the F1 Qatar Grand Prix

Not long from the time of the announcement, one received with mixed reviews (rather expectedly), for there are those who question Formula 1’s “Race as One” stance and those who still look forward to the new event with enthusiasm, changes have been made to the venue.

This could, however, startle some, particularly those value shenanigans so mightily. But if you were to expect there to be no changes at all at a track that’s thus far been home to MotoGP events and is now, set to host a proper Formula 1 Grand Prix, then perhaps one is either living under a rock or completely inept to the concept of change, which well is the truth of life.

But we needn’t dabble in philosophy for we aren’t Socrates, Aristotle or Plato so we must get embrace what’s easily understood and is wired in the now.

Qatar F1 Grand Prix 2021 Venue
source: F1.com

That being told, the key observation with regards to the F1 Qatar Grand Prix is that the current changes being done to the Losail International circuit, home to the forthcoming race, is dramatic and a major departure from where it stands at the moment.

In the sense that the changes that are already in place are said to impact the MOTO GP contests that for long have been held at the venue.

Meanwhile, the following inputs were added by Mr. Michael Masi, the current FIA F1 race director in regards to the current development at the racing venue:

That work is nearly completed. I’ll head there again next weekend, prior to Austin, to have a look, but nearly all the works have been completed. There’s a number of double kerbs that have been installed.Is Qatar’s F1 race really ‘bad news’ for MotoGP. The circuit is ostensibly a bike circuit, so apex sausages, so people don’t cut corners on the inside, and double kerbs on exits [have been added]. There’s a significant number of barrier upgrades with regards to TecPro tyres around the entire venue. Pitlane entry’s probably the biggest actual track change.

The above told, what one may infer from the 42-year-old Australian’s perspective is that in the course of the near future, there ‘could’ be a possible debate as to why the aforementioned changes have been done in order to accommodate Formula 1 whilst the repercussions could introduce challenges for the MotoGP racers.

And should that happen for real, one can’t doubt the reason for dissonance or can one?

But on the brighter side, what’ll be most fun would be to see the present crop of drivers, on a grid that has them all- the great, the young and the ebullient– to compete on a brand new surface at which one holds no prior experience whatsoever.

So, it’s lights out and away we go, albeit some changes at the F1 Qatar Grand Prix for November 21, 2021!


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