Abu Dhabi Approves A New Layout To Enable More Overtaking On Track!

Abu Dhabi

The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix for 2021 is poised to see a new track layout. This change, which one might call rather unprecedented, has been considered in order to increase the chance of overtaking at a surface which doesn’t really offer too many enthralling contests. Typically speaking, in the recent past, while the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix has often been chastised and even been subjected to memes and social media jibes for offering a sheer lack of exciting races, the venue is bound to invite a change that could reverse its fledgeling fortunes.

As a matter of fact, while the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix was the venue of Nico Rosberg’s most definitive career moment, the former German-Finnish driver winning the world championship here back in 2016, it’s races like the 2012 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix that have made headlines and perhaps continue to do so, even today, with one recalling Raikkonen‘s Lotus exploits that took place almost a decade ago.

It’s races like that which the fans expect to see at a venue that has proven to be one of Mercedes‘ favorite hunting ground. Remember during the peak of their rivalry and battles, Sebastian Vettel never stood on top of the podium here in his Ferrari run.

Though what’s planned for this year are some interesting modifications to the Abu Dhabi track, that will aim to boost the concept and chances of overtaking for the 2021 season-finale!

And even as none other than Max Verstappen, winner here last year, stood on the top step of the podium, the fans complained about a lack of adrenaline-pumping contest that Abu Dhabi presented giving out the advantage to Red Bull in a contest described as dull.

For now, the one thing that the fan can expect as per the news citing modifications to the track is the return of competitive and interesting racing. But will that actually happen in towards the season end? Will we get to see the likes of McLaren and Ferrari, two prominent outfits playing catch-up to Mercedes and Red Bull also eek out an advantage of sorts- all of that rests in the lap of the future.

Though, what can be said for certain is that the acting CEO of the Abu Dhabi Motorsports Management, Mr. Saif Al Noaimi sounded optimistic about the famous venue set amid dazzling night lights to offer a promising race for both fans and the contenders.

He happened to share some key insights regarding the trending development:

“We’ve been looking at improving the racing on the track. We’ve been listening to our spectators, the fans, the drivers, F1 and the FIA, and we’ve been working on making some changes, exciting changes, this year to the layout of the track. We will be undergoing some modifications to the track over the summer in time for this year’s edition of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.”

Furthermore, he happened to add the following to his statement which should offer hope regarding a racing venue that’s become rather dull, of late:

“The objective ultimately is to create more opportunities for close wheel-to-wheel racing!”

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